How to Best Prepare for Website Content Success

wood desk with computer, notebook, coffee cup, and plantHave you decided to take your business to the next level by creating the perfect website? No website is complete without copy that connects with your target audience. Have you decided to have professional copy written for your website? Then a small amount of preparation will help ensure your website content truly connects and converts.

3 Steps to Take to Prepare for Website Content Success

More than half of all projects fail due to a breakdown in communication. As your new website copy is being developed or existing copy refreshed, all parties involved should be on the same page. How can you make this happen? By following three simple steps before you even get started.

1. Seek Out Your Internal Team

It’s important to assemble the internal team responsible for your project. This team will include key decisionmakers as well as those who will be responsible for content management in the future. You’ll need input about your unique voice, the tone you’ll want to use and more, so assemble a team you can trust.

Often, teams consist of business owners, stakeholders, marketers, project managers, etc. Assembling a team will ensure communication is consistent and the opinions that matter are showcased at all times.

It’s also important, however, that you identify one key player on your team who will manage communication with your copywriter and website developer. This will streamline communication and also help in ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

2. Schedule a Planning Session

Next, schedule a planning session for your new internal team. During this planning session, you’ll create a strategy that will help you communicate your needs to the content team. Used as a time for discovery, discuss your goals for your new website and the main messages you want to communicate.

If you have a current website, also take time to discuss where you might be falling short. Do you have copy that falls flat? Does it sound like someone else’s voice rather than yours? Focus your attention on these areas first.

3. Gather Important Business and Brand Assets

You’ll want to gather all of your business and brand assets to help with your content. This may include a wide range of assets such as your brand guide, mission and vision statements, product listings, target customer avatar, etc.

You can never have too much information when it comes to your website project. If you believe it might be helpful, put it in your file for safekeeping and reference. This information will help your copywriter create accurate copy that rings true to your business, while emphasizing your unique voice.

Are You in the Website Content Prep Stage?

It can be overwhelming to prepare for new website copy without understanding the bigger picture of your project. But you can’t skip the prep work and also reach website success. To learn more about how to prep for content success, send us a message.

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