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What Do Icebergs Have To Do With Website Design?

Good question! We're so glad you asked...

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Why did we choose the name Iceberg? Taking a moment to touch on the proverbial “Tip of the Iceberg” with our experience and customer service, we believe there is more to icebergs as a symbol. Icebergs are actually beautiful to watch, they are graceful and tranquil as they move in the ocean.

Icebergs come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, as do our customers needs. No two customer websites are alike. Each client has a different look and feel to their brand and we recognize their nuances and know how to make them stand out. We usually think about icebergs as coming in the color white, but they can also come in blue, black, green, occasionally striped, and even pink! Icebergs are awesome in the truest sense of the word, meaning awe-inspiring from their massive size down to their diversity.

Depth of Experience

Just like an iceberg, what you don’t see at first glance of our company is the incredible amount of experience, as well as support, that allows the business to thrive. We’ve been developing websites since the days of Geocities and animated gifs – and we’ve kept right up with design trends and new technology as it comes out.

Did you know?

There is actually a rating system for icebergs that account for their shape and size. The largest iceberg ever recorded was B15 at a size of 4,250 square miles (11,007km). Imagine that! An island of ice just floating out there the size of Jamaica!
Penguin on an iceberg
So...What's With the Penguin?

Close your eyes, and imagine an iceberg. Now, pick an animal – any animal. Yeah, you picked the penguin, didn’t you?

Aside from the obvious imagery connection between penguins and icebergs, a big part of our brand value is “fun.” Studies have shown that employees who enjoy their jobs work better and more efficiently. Our penguin represents the fun, playful side of our business.

Getting work done is truly black and white – but there is no reason that we can’t have fun in the process. High fives all around!

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