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CeCe Talbot

Website Developer
If you could broadcast to the entire world for 60 seconds what would you say?

I would be silent for 55 seconds– then turn to the camera and say, “Just be happy.”

CeCe is from the land of 10,000 lakes with a mission to impact 10,000 lives. She has worked in many creative positions in the dance world from working backstage to dancing on the stage. CeCe creates choreography, trained all over the US, and even built her own dance equipment line. She is not shy of creativity from dancing to designing. 

CeCe is passionate about the ever-changing tech industry and how fast it evolves. She loves working with people who don’t see the sky as the limit (That’s why Iceberg stores things on Mars).

CeCe graduated from Minneapolis College in Economics and then went to the University of Minnesota UX/UI Design bootcamp. She joined Iceberg in the summer of 2021. At Iceberg CeCe continues to grow her skill sets focusing on design, user interface, and user experience. 

When she is not creating or learning random facts, CeCe is cooking a new dish, traveling, exploring Mexico, or spending time with her family and dog, Ziggy!

2021 Cece Talbot. Designer. Holding a Penguin at Iceberg Webdesign.
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