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Chrissy Larson

Graphic Designer
What would be the title of your autobiography?

Adobe Illustrator Quit Unexpectedly: Lessons Learned by a Graphic Designer

Chrissy is a recent graduate from the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities, with a degree in graphic design. She joined our team during the summer of 2017 as a web design intern, and was hired on at the end of that summer as a website designer. Now, Chrissy is at the front of all of our graphic design projects including logos, brand identity, and print collateral.

Chrissy has a great sense of humor, and her background as a barista has the rest of our staff enjoying cold press coffee – done the right way – regularly. She enjoys music and attending concerts, and is a world traveler. When she’s not moving anchor points in Illustrator, you can find her consuming her body weight in iced coffee, lemon spindrift, or oatmeal cookie halo top.