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Maddy Herman

Digital Marketing Associate
What was the last country you visited?


Maddy is a lifelong midwesterner, growing up in a small town in Wisconsin. After moving to Minneapolis for college, she found her love for the creative digital world and developed a passion for videography, film, and social media. She has worked in various digital media positions, from producing a company’s social media content to creating and directing video packages for news organizations. 

As a part of Iceberg’s marketing team, Maddy enjoys using her fascination for the tech world to show companies how they can benefit by growing their digital presence.

Maddy graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a degree in Digital Media Arts in 2022 and soon after joined Iceberg. She continues to learn about the wide-ranging world of marketing and is growing her skills in social media, SEO, and all things Google ads. 

Today, Maddy lives in downtown Minneapolis, and spends most of her spare time watching the latest movies, reading a good book, or trying new restaurants. She also enjoys traveling to different countries, hiking with her family and friends, and capturing the best moments on video.

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