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Sean Rodgers

Business Development
What is your ideal vacation destination?

Easy, Patagonia! I’d love to visit Grey Glacier inside Dorres Del Paine National Park, quite possibly one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Sean joined Iceberg Web Design as an Account Executive during the summer of 2018. He enjoys attending Chamber and other networking events, talking with business owners, and meeting with professionals in the community.

Sean attended Southwest Minnesota State University, and moved right into his first sales job as a “phone jockey” selling cable and internet services. His success at this job kicked off his sales career, where he has experience working with many different types of businesses.

Sean is a member of Toastmasters, and has professional training through Action Selling, one of the top 10 sales programs in the country.

Sean grew up in a small town in Western Minnesota. He currently lives in Columbia Heights, and is a “Dog Dad” to Jaxson; they both enjoy visiting local parks and walking trails. Sean is an uncle to 5 nieces and nephews, and a great-uncle to two!  In his spare time Sean can be found volunteering, playing on his “old timers hockey league” and attending many music concerts around the Twin Cities.