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Kari Sletten

Head of Production, Website Developer
What would be the title of your autobiography?

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Kari has a background in Information Technology and Geographic Information Systems. She began her career in Isle of Wight, Virginia where she started working as the County’s GIS Technician and ended up running the Information Technology Department six years later. Her unique combination of database experience, network and software support and map production translates remarkably well to the visual and technical aspects of website design. 

After relocating back to Minnesota in 2009 she started a freelance website design business as a way to continue to use her skills while raising her two small children. Kari’s freelance projects have included writing custom CSS/HTML websites from the ground up as well as building sites in Joomla!, Magento and WordPress. Today, Kari is the Head of Production at Iceberg Web Design. A skilled website developer and designer, she also lends a creative hand to most of our projects. She excels in bringing a customer’s vision from concept to reality.

Kari graduated from the University of Minnesota, Morris and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Biology with a secondary concentration in Computer Science. Kari also holds a Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems from St. Cloud State University.

Kari loves coffee, and ice cream; and now that her kids are older, spends her time watching them participate in all their favorite activities with her husband Jeff.

2021 Kari Sletten. Vice President of Operations Iceberg Web Design.
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