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Is Your Website Accessible for Everyone?

When we talk about accessibility in website design and development, we are talking specifically about the user experience for people with disabilities. Ensuring your website is accessible means that your products and services are available to everyone, and your website is usable for people with different visual, hearing, cognitive and physical abilities.
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Digital Accessibility for Your Business

In today’s digital landscape, web accessibility goes beyond moral responsibility; it brings tangible benefits to businesses. An accessible website improves the overall user experience for everyone. By implementing accessibility features such as enhanced features for videos, keyboard accessibility, and intuitive design, you create a more seamless and enjoyable browsing experience. This can lead to increased engagement, longer visits, and higher conversion rates.

The Benefits of Digital Inclusion

Having an accessible website is crucial for several reasons. First, it ensures inclusivity and equal access for a broader audience, regardless of their abilities or disabilities. Moreover, prioritizing web accessibility can help mitigate the risk of legal issues.

Expand Your Audience
Simply put, an accessible website means more potential customers can use it. 16% of the world’s population, or 1 in 6 of us, experience a significant disability. (World Health Organization 2022). Additionally, an aging population means more people will experience difficulty with vision, hearing or movement while not identifying as a person living with a disability. As you consider marketing efforts, making sure you can reach the widest audience possible can increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Reduce Legal Risks
As the awareness of the need for website accessibility standards and practices increases, so do accessibility lawsuits (Seyfarth, 2020). The US has seen a rise in legal actions against businesses with inaccessible websites, and courts are increasingly deciding in favor of equal access. Developing a digital accessibility program that includes an ongoing commitment to accessibility can go a long way in mitigating legal risk.

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Our Accessibility Process

Our two-step process begins with comprehensive accessibility testing, followed by implementing recommended solutions and modifications.

Step One:
Website Accessibility Testing

A website accessibility test is a thorough evaluation of a website’s compliance with accessibility guidelines and standards. It involves assessing various aspects of the website, such as its design, functionality, and content, to ensure that individuals with disabilities can access and interact with the site effectively.

The test typically involves using a combination of automated tools, manual inspection, and user testing to identify any barriers or limitations that may hinder accessibility. It is important that a website accessibility test is performed by Subject Matter Experts–real humans living with disabilities and using assistive technology to navigate your website, which is why we partner with local website accessibility testing experts.

Step Two:
Website Remediation

After a website accessibility test, the next steps involve addressing the issues and improving the accessibility of the website. The accessibility test report will outline the specific accessibility barriers, non-compliant elements, and areas that require improvement. It may categorize the issues based on severity or priority, allowing you to prioritize fixes.

Our experienced team of website developers then works to resolve the identified issues. This may involve making changes to the website’s code, design, content, and functionality. It may require modifying HTML structure, adding alternative text to images, improving keyboard navigation, ensuring proper color contrast, and more.

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