About Iceberg Web Design | Custom Website Devleopment

Our Brand. Our Values.

Our Brand: Customer Service. Experience. Transparent. Fun.
Our Values: Integrity. Accountability. Community. Passion. Enjoyment.

We are Web Developers who Answer the Phone

At Iceberg Web Design, we’ve been hand-coding websites for businesses like yours since 1993 and we aren’t planning to stop anytime soon. With a passion for creativity and our drive to solve your most complex challenges, we keep our processes straightforward, transparent, and customer-focused. We have grown our dedicated team from 6 to 9 full-time employees last year, and we are able to offer a variety of digital solutions that add value to your business’ everyday operations.

We feel very fortunate for our growing team and attribute it to ongoing team training and development, as well as participating in community and industry-related events. We fully embrace everything that we learn and put all our energy towards doing what we do best: designing and developing dynamic websites.

iceberg team photo
Iceberg Team Holding the Iceberg Logo

Our History

Iceberg Hosting, LLC was incorporated in 2005 in Morris, Minnesota. Our founder, Jessi, had years of experience working as a freelancer prior to incorporating Iceberg. In 2009, Iceberg relocated to Anoka, Minnesota and was rebranded as Iceberg Web Design. (There’s a funny little story behind the rebrand – stop by our office and we’ll tell it to you!). Today, Iceberg’s development office is downtown Anoka, right next to the City Hall. Website development has always been our core service, but as our team has grown we have added a full suite of online marketing services to better service our customers.

Meet our Team

The penguins at Iceberg can't wait to meet you!

At Iceberg, we enjoy working together as a team, and we hold each other up to high standards. Our passion for learning new technology, and our sheer love for website development, shines through in the way we work with our customers. Stop by today, we would all love to meet you!