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One of the things that makes Iceberg unique, is that when you work with us you will likely interact with every member of our team at one point.

More Than 60 Years Of Experience

Iceberg Staff Attempting to Assemble Penguin Sign

Our dedicated team includes six full-time marketing experts and website developers. We are passionate about website development, and our staff has more than 60 years of combined experience in website design, website development, lead generation, online marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Our Brand Values

We pride ourselves on top-notch customer service. We are in the office during business hours every day, and are available for phone calls and e-mail support. From our qualified marketing experts in the field to our skilled in-house development and customer support staff, we are all looking forward to working with you on your next website project!

Meet the Iceberg Web Design Team

Strategic Thinking




Relationship Building




Jessi Gurr

Master Penguin

About Jessi....

Jessi owns more hooded sweatshirts than anyone you know.

Meet Jessi…

Shane Bader

VP of Sales

About Shane...

Shane has a secret second life as a DJ.

Meet Shane…

Sean Rodgers

Account Executive

About Sean...

Sean brought a new buddy for Lenny to our office!

Meet Sean…

Mariann Wolff

Project Manager

About Mariann...

Mariann knows more about cars than anyone else on our staff.

Meet Mariann…

Jennifer Brueske

Website Developer

About Jennifer....

Jennifer likes turtles.

Meet Jennifer…

Kari Sletten

Website Developer

About Kari....

Kari can juggle. It’s true, we’ve seen it!

Meet Kari…

Chrissy Larson

Website Designer

About Chrissy...

Chrissy is a bit of a coffee snob…in the best possible way!

Meet Chrissy…


Morale Booster

About Lenny...

Lenny keeps things interesting in Penguin Land!

Meet Lenny…


People Watcher

About Jaxson...

Jaxson is a bundle of love and loves looking out the window.

Meet Jaxson…

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