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AHL Healthcare Group

With a true passion for caring for others, AHL Healthcare Group works with individuals with disabilities and their families to encourage choice, promote independence and improve quality of life. What started as one home is now a large company that employs nearly 250 dedicated and well-trained staff and serves close to 200 adults with disabilities throughout Minnesota.

AHL Healthcare Group includes At Home Living, Bridges to Success and Assisted Living by AHL. Each website had distinct needs but they needed consistent design elements to tie them all together.

Services Provided

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Website Design

Custom website design and logo design.

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Website Development

Custom website development with features for models, neighborhoods and searchable home plans.

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Content Writing

Content writing and consulting including content organization and draft review.

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Hosting & Maintenance

Ongoing hosting, maintenance and regular updates.

The Challenge

Separate Company Divisions With Distinct Needs

AHL had been experiencing exponential growth since their start in 2000 and they expanded their operations to a parent company with three separate companies beneath them. With an outdated, unresponsive website that didn’t appropriately highlight each of their branches, AHL needed a custom website that could showcase their parent company and separate divisions while upholding their overall brand.

AHL’s current growth model was focused on operations and they did not have any branding for their companies. Therefore, they needed professional brand consulting and design for each of their companies.

The Solution

New Branding & Cohesive Website Design

AHL Healthcare responsive website design

Partnering with AHL, we set out to build a multi-site experience that highlighted each of their divisions, AHL HealthCare Group, At Home Living, Bridges to Success, and Assisted Living. For each division, our graphic design team worked to create logos that matched the existing logo from their parent company. These focused on specific elements that highlighted each division, while also using brand colors that all correlated with each other to uphold brand consistency.

Along with that, we provided professional content for each website that communicated their overall mission while still highlighting what each division had to offer. This allowed for easy navigation from site to site for their audience, as well as helped with streamlining internal operations.

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