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Scherer Bros.

Scherer Bros. Lumber Co. supplies the largest selection of building products in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. They have have a long standing history in the lumber industry of over 90 years, and have gained trust with contractors throughout the country.

In addition to building materials, the Scherer name is also associated with Scherer Window and Door Consultants and Scherer Bros. Custom Closets & Storage Solutions. After completing the Scherer Bros. website, we worked with both the Windows and Closets teams to build two more websites with a similar design and layout.

Services Provided

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Website Design

Custom website design featuring a mix of modern and historic photos.

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Website Development

Custom website development with molding profile search.

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Content Writing

Content writing and consulting including site map planning and organization.

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Hosting & Maintenance

Ongoing hosting, maintenance and regular updates.

The Challenge

Modernize Design and Improve Product Search

When Scherer Bros. first spoke to us about their website, the biggest pain point they had with their old site was the lack of structure it had. Without clear organization, site users would have to sift through an alphabetized list of pages on topics ranging from Education to Millwork to Conditions of Sale. The navigation structure was completely overwhelming.

The Solution

Structured Navigation & Custom Product Search

Mega Menu

The new Scherer Bros. website uses several key navigation elements, to help make sense of the huge amount of content on the site. We used a mega-menu so users can navigate through the list of building materials visually, without having to read through an alphabetical list of products. A top menu allows us to pull out and highlight areas of the website where customers frequently visit. 

In order to provide a modern look and feel, the new design features beautiful photography of featured Scherer Bros. projects. It also showcases a collage of vintage pictures from as a nod to Scherer’s long, rich history.

Profile Search

One of our goals with custom development projects is to provide tools that improve the way businesses provide services to their customers. For Scherer Bros., we built a custom moulding profile search. This feature enables users to search for both custom and stock millwork by profile or by product code. Users can also filter based on category, width or height. The ability for users to search products, rather than read and click through a list of categories and sizes, is a tremendous improvement in Scherer’s service to its customers.

The Second Project

Scherer Windows & Door Consultants

Before the paint had even dried on the Scherer Bros. Lumber Co. website, we began working on our second Scherer website, Scherer Window & Door Consultants. The goal for this project was to mimic the design of the Scherer Bros. Lumber Co. site to enforce the strength and recognition of the Scherer brand, while still allowing for unique features such as highlighting special seasonal offers and providing pages for their process, consulting team and financing options.

We created a full site dedicated to Window and Door Consulting that was different enough from Scherer Lumber to stand alone but still coordinated with its lumber counterpart.

The Third Project

Scherer Bros. Custom Closets & Storage Solutions

After two very successful website projects, we began working on our third Scherer site, Scherer Bros. Custom Closets & Storage Solutions. Previously, they only occupied one page of the Scherer Bros. Lumber Co. site, but as the closet and storage division grew, they needed more digital real estate and the ability to showcase their range of storage solutions, materials and accessories. 

Scherer Bros. Custom Closets & Storage Solutions also to be able to introduce their designers and highlight each team member’s unique experience on a comprehensive team page.


A Lasting Partnership

These projects were all grouped close together, and our team really enjoyed the challenge of making stand-alone sites that are unique to each company, but still fit together as a family with cohesive branding. We value the partnership we have developed with the Scherer companies and the ongoing support and maintenance we are able to provide.

At Iceberg, our goal is to help you with your business needs so your company can grow. We can do this through web development or any of our digital marketing services.

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