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The Mauler Institute has helped numerous students navigate the complex, overwhelming college admissions process over the years. Rooted in a proven business-focused approach, students are able to develop unique value propositions, develop personal and social goals, identify the right-fit schools and leverage the college application to gain admission to their top choice schools.

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The Challenge

Mauler’s Original Website Did Not Highlight Their Expanding Services & Notable Branding

With the growing demand for The Mauler Institute’s one-on-one coaching services, they needed a website that could effectively highlight the other services they had to offer such as their team workshops and self-paced Complete Candidate system. Although the current website addressed each service, it lacked the information and navigation parents and students needed to find the best resources for them.

Recently shifting branding efforts, The Mauler Institute was also looking to change the tone and design of their current website to put less of a focus on credibility and more on the personality of the company.

The Solution

A Website With Unforgettable Personality

To effectively communicate each service that The Mauler Institute has to offer, we provided professional content that showcases each resource in its best light. Wanting to especially highlight The Complete Candidate system, we put a heavy focus on this service throughout the whole website and not only has sales for this service increased, but The Mauler Institute has been able to aid many more students than before.

Through custom website design, we were able to successfully align current marketing themes and social media efforts, ultimately helping strengthen The Mauler Institute’s overall brand.

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