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Nikolay Patalakha

Website Developer
What was your first job?

At 13, I sold watermelons and saved my money for a new powerful computer.

Ever since Nikolay was a child, he has loved math and science. As a teenager, he read articles about computer programming and participated in mathematical competitions.

After graduating from Middle School at age 15, Nikolay began working as a beekeeper in an apiary during the summer holidays and enrolled in college for mechanical engineering, studying to be an internal combustion engine designer.

After college, Nikolay continued to work with bees, increasing the number of bee colonies he cared for and expanding his business. At this time, he met twin brothers who worked as web developers. One was a designer, the other a front-end developer. Talking with them inspired Nikolay to return to his dream of becoming a programmer.

In 2017, Nikolay completed his web development courses and started working as a front-end developer and WordPress developer. During this time, he developed more than 100 start-up projects working hand in hand with the company’s founders and other team members. Among these projects were WordPress e-commerce sites and WordPress marketing sites. Nikolay also supported internal teams in upgrading their front-end tech stack, balancing long-term needs with short-term requirements. 

Nikolay joined Iceberg Web Design in November 2022 as a WordPress & WooCommerce Developer. He says, “I wanted to work as a WordPress developer in a friendly team. The team and projects at Iceberg exceeded all my expectations”. Nikolay likes to develop and maintain WordPress sites using best practices. His passion is to make responsive and cross-browser websites with clean code optimized for page speed.

Nikolay and his wife Anna live in a small but beautiful town in western Ukraine. They often walk together in their local park. On weekends, they enjoy preparing delicious meals together and watching films in the evenings.

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