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Gonyea is a design-driven company that provides an outstanding staff of architects, designers, and builders who offer complete support and expertise as you design your home. Since 1987, Gonyea has been dedicated to customization, quality, and responsiveness in all that they do.  

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The Challenge

Integrating Historical Significance with New Branding Efforts

Established in 1987, Gonyea experienced great success and exponential growth over the years. This eventually led them to clearly define the business into three different divisions: Gonyea Custom Homes, Stonegate Builders, and Gonyea Transformations.

The Gonyea team had just updated their branding and needed a way to be able to market each standalone brand, while still communicating the history of the Gonyea brand. Although their current website was only one-year-old, it was not in line with the new branding and did not streamline the three factions clearly enough.  

The Solution

Consistency is Key

Gonyea puts a great importance in their client’s vision of customizability, therefore, we made a significant effort to do the same for them. Our main objective was to deliver four websites that highlighted each divisions unique capabilities, while still upholding Gonyea’s historical integrity.  

To achieve this, we created websites with regular menus, as well as a multi-site feel where you could access all of the brand divisions sites from a top level navigation. Their main website was designed in line with current branding with a consistent design across all four sites. This allowed them to market each individual site to their target audience, while tying the divisions together.

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