Your Dad Has a Smartphone. Is Your Website Ready?

Your Dad Has a Smartphone. Is Your Website Ready?

Your Dad Has A Smartphone. Is Your Website Ready?

Baby Boomers and Senior Citizens are the Fastest Growing Demographic for New Smartphone Purchases.

It’s true. Since 2011, the number of Baby Boomers using smartphones has been steadily increasing. As of 2015, Baby Boomers (age 50 and up) represent 45% of the US population – and they are also the wealthiest subsection of the population, with folks 55 and older controlling more than three quarters of America’s wealth. Today, 36% of Baby Boomers own a smartphone, and nearly half of them use the Internet and check e-mail every day from it. Nearly 35% of all tablet users are adults age 45+, and 47% of adults older than 73 now shop online.

Marketing to Baby Boomers should be at the front of every forward-thinking business owner’s mind. And since they will likely be looking at your website on their mobile phone, you need to be ready.

Still not convinced? Take the following statistics into consideration.

60% of All Online Traffic Now Comes from Mobile Devices.

The Small Business Trends website published an article in July of 2014 that notes that mobile traffic – smartphones and tablets combined – are now responsible for 60 percent of all online traffic.

2 in 3 Americans Own Smartphones Today.

A study done by Nielson suggested that 65% of Americans owned smartphones in 2013. This increase is affecting how Americans spend their free time as well – on average, Americans spend 34 hours a month using mobile devices – more time than they spent on their Desktop computers!

50% of Google Searches are Done on Mobile Devices.

As of April 21, 2015, Google now checks to see if your website is mobile-friendly when ranking it. Websites that are not mobile-friendly will start to lose ranking rapidly on mobile search results. With 50% of Google Searches now originating from mobile devices, your business cannot afford to have a website that is not mobile-friendly.

70% of Mobile Searches Lead to Action.

People use their smartphones to make decisions about the products and services they will purchase. User experience is critical – and if your website isn’t ready for your mobile audience, you are going to start losing real business.

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