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Kyle Teeter

Website Developer
What is your favorite thing to eat?

Coconut rice with fried fish and fried green plantains with an onion, tomato, lettuce and avocado salad.

Kyle joined the Iceberg Web Design team in the fall of 2018 as our Customer Service Representative, while studying Web Development at Lambda School. As Kyle’s skills and knowledge grew, he became a valuable asset to the development team and is now a website developer adept at JavaScript animations, custom search applications and membership portals.

Kyle worked as a language teacher for several years, and also runs a small online EdTech company. He discovered his passion for building websites and web applications while building his business. Today, he is honing his coding skills for his own company while developing new skills here at Iceberg.

After spending several years abroad, Kyle, his wife, and their two cats moved back to Anoka, Minnesota. He and his wife enjoy trying new kinds of international cuisine and love to find new activities to try like archery and snowshoeing.