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How Frequently Should Businesses Post To Their Social Media Accounts?

How often should you be posting on your different social media accounts? The short answer would be It depends on your business. It’s important to understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach that works for each platform. Each platform is different and the recommended guidelines are constantly being updated as the platforms change.


There is no hard rule about how often you should be posting. You do not want to overwhelm your audience, and you do not want to be invisible. You want to provide value without going overboard. There have been studies done to try and come up with optimal posting frequency guidelines that you can follow. We are going to give you some information that these studies claim to be the best for each platform. We think your business has the best chance of increasing your reach and maximizing your time invested if you follow these guidelines.

Facebook – One or twice a day, if you have a business with less than 10k followers, you should only post 3x a week.

Due to recent algorithm changes, organic reach has been throttled. This makes boosting posts and paying for reach more mandatory if you find you are not getting the reach that you want. Posting frequently has become less important for Facebook. You will not be overcrowding your followers feeds, and when you do post, you will be keeping your business visible to your audience. Try and schedule your posts for when your audience is most active, this can be mornings, lunchtime, and evenings.


Twitter – With social platforms such as Twitter, it is permissible to post anywhere from 5 or more times a day. Twitter posts have an average lifespan of around 18 minutes. After that amount of time, your post will be pushed to the bottom of your followers feeds. Most retweets happen within an hour of posting. You want to post often and aim for quantity of content.


LinkedinIs a low volume/ high value network. You want to be sharing information more infrequently. LinkedIn recommends sharing 20 posts per month. Share 2-5x a week high quality valuable content that is relevant to your followers. Linkedin is a professional networking site, so make sure that your content applies to your audience.


Pinterest – The best way to be found on Pinterest is to post frequently. Posting 5-10x a day is a good posting frequency. Posting more than 30 times a day has not shown to have any additional benefits. Some experts claim it is a good idea to schedule out your pins throughout the day to vary your exposure. You can use scheduling software such as Buffer to schedule out posts.


Instagram – Engage with your audience on the world’s most popular image sharing app. You want to be posting at least once or twice a day. If you have a large following of a thousand or more, you can post more than two times a day and still see good engagement.  You should have a plan on how you want to go about your Instagram marketing. It is important to make sure you have something of value to share when you do post.


Google+ – With an average of only 4-6 million active users, you might not get much engagement from posting through your Google+ page. Posting through your Google account can help you with your SEO efforts. There is varying advice out there for posting frequency.

What sort of engagement are you trying to generate? Here is a great answer to the question posted on Quora:


“So, in many ways it is very much like real life. It requires that you build a network of contacts and friends who find what you post to be of direct value to them and then leverage that value to further enhance your reputation and raise the impact of your profile. Because of that it is also perhaps the only social network where you do not strictly need to be tied into a timetable for posting, though it undoubtedly helps.”


Keeping up with posting on social media may seem time consuming, but it is worth it. The connections you will make are invaluable because people look at their social media accounts and stay connected every day.


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