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What Does Your Web Designer’s Customer Experience Look Like? 

Does Your Website Developer Answer the Phone? 

Whether you’re a new business looking to build your first website or you’re a longstanding industry leader whose web design needs a refresh, you want a web design company that delivers beautiful websites and an exceptional customer experience.

At Iceberg Web Design, our customer service sets us apart from the rest. We understand that web development can be complicated. We designed our process to be easily understood by people who aren’t familiar with website development, and our team of experts is here to walk you through every step. 

Keep reading to see what website development looks like with developers who answer the phone!

Collaborating Website Developers

Step 1 – Give Us a Call to Discuss Your Site

When you call our team of dedicated web development experts, you connect to a team that’s more than happy to chat about your business, what goals you want your website to accomplish, and any questions you might have. 

If you choose to move forward with the web design process, we work together to develop a scope of work that encapsulates everything you need to build a website that’s perfect for your business. At Iceberg, we never leave our clients in the dark about our process or hide behind high-level technical jargon. We promise to do everything we can so that you always know what stage your website is at.

Step 2 – We Work Together to Optimize Your Site’s Content 

Need professionally written content for your new site? Does your pre-existing content need to be reviewed? Iceberg’s in-house content and production team is here to help! We offer full-service content writing and content consulting services so that your content legitimizes your business, drives traffic, and converts users into customers. 

While many web designers outsource their content services, Iceberg relies on a one-on-one connection between our production team and our clients. Our content services come with a meeting with our in-house content writer so that your brand’s mission, tone, and goals can be incorporated into your content as if you were writing in your own words. We work with you to develop the site map you need and incorporate your feedback into each draft of content.

Step 3 – We Design and Develop Your Website 

Once you approve your final draft of content and you’ve selected your site’s imagery and other assets, your website moves into the design and development stage! Our design and development team works with you to match your site’s aesthetics to your logo and brand colors so that you get a stylish and functional result

Step 4 – Your Site is Ready for Launch! 

While other web design companies may ask a single designer to review the final website for bugs and errors, the entire Iceberg team takes part in our quality assurance reviews. That way you have all of us scanning your site for things that need to be fixed.. Once we make all the necessary edits, your site goes live! Web maintenance can be finicky at times, so if you experience any issues, our customer service representative is happy to help!

Step 5 – Grow Your Online Presence with SEO Services, Reputation Management, and More! 

The Iceberg customer experience doesn’t have to end once your website is launched. We offer an array of services, from adding AI assistants that help users navigate your site, to performing accessibility audits, digital marketing services, on and off-page SEO services, branding, and more, all delivered with the excellent Iceberg customer service you know and love. 

Your Perfect Website Starts with a Call 

Whether you’re ready to get started on your next website, or you just want to have a commitment-free chat about what you’re looking for, the Iceberg Web Design team would love to hear from you! Call us at 763-350-8762

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