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The Top 5 2024 Website Trends We Are Watching

If You’re Considering Updating Your Web Design in 2024, Watch Out for These Trends

In the ever-evolving world of web design, you need to stay ahead of the curve if you want your business to stand out in the digital landscape. Luckily, Iceberg Web Design is here to give you a heads-up on what web design trends you should be keeping your eye on if you’re looking to refresh your website before the new year. We’ve collected five website trends that experts predict will be all the rage in 2024. 

Web Design Ai Trends 2024

AI Integrations (We Can Help with That!)

Artificial intelligence is here to stay. In 2023, AI technology had a major impact on the digital realm, and its influence is only predicted to grow in 2024. With the use of AI integrations, websites can offer a more personalized and interactive experience to users. From chatbots that provide instant customer support to AI-driven design elements that adapt to user preferences, there’s a steadily growing array of AI integrations that you should seriously consider adding to your website as we enter 2024. 

Iceberg Web Design offers an AI assistant integration that can help your users find what they need and help your site convert users into paying customers. AI assistants are available 24/7 to provide your users with instant personalized responses. Learn more about how you’ll never miss a lead with our AI assistants.

UX-Focused Design

If complex web design and complicated site navigation were becoming outdated this year, then they would certainly be out in 2024. If you’ve been browsing the internet lately, you’ll find that major brand websites are becoming more engaging and easier to use. From clear and concise navigation bars to hero images, videos, or animations, to targeted headlines, websites built with an emphasis on user experience are designed to engage the user’s attention and immediately address the problem they’re trying to solve. 

If your website goals for 2024 are to attract leads, traffic, and conversions, then a UX-centered approach to web design is your surefire way to get there. 

Website Accessibility 

While website accessibility has traditionally been looked upon as an option (and sometimes a legal requirement), it is now gaining traction as a social responsibility and is predicted to become the norm by the end of 2024. 

Website accessibility means designing your site to be usable by all sorts of users, including those with disabilities and impairments. Boosting your site accessibility is easier than it sounds. To make your site more accessible, consider: 

  • Adding alt-text to your images
  • Adding an ‘enlarge-text’ feature to your site 
  • Using audio-descriptive captions
  • Enabling keyboard navigation 

Iceberg Web Design offers website accessibility audits and other services that not only help fulfill your social responsibility to those with disabilities, but that can also expand your audience and customer base. Learn more about how we can help with website accessibility.

Web Design Trends 2024

Interactive Storytelling with Multimedia 

What better way to tell your brand’s story than through combining striking visuals, text, video, and audio? While the rise in interactive storytelling in web design coincides with the newfound focus on UX by developers, combining different forms of media is predicted to stand as its own design trend in 2024. 

Interactive storytelling is more than persuasive headlines and descriptive copy. Animated hero sections, videos, 3D visuals, and audio make for a rich and engaging representation of your brand, product, and mission. Not to mention using different media formats on your website maximizes accessibility. 

Vibrant Gradients

Adding gradients, whether they’re black and white or colorful, can add a striking, modern, and “Instagram-like” appeal to your website. Consider sprinkling gradient accents in blank sections of your website or highlighting CTAs with gradient colors. 

Gradients are especially popular with SaaS websites and e-commerce sites! Gradients are an easy way to give your website a cutting-edge look in 2024. 

Let Iceberg Web Design Freshen Up Your Site This New Year 

Iceberg Web Design is a design agency where developers pick up the phone! Give us a call to discuss what trends you’ve been looking to add to your site in 2024 or to build a new website from scratch to kick off 2024 right. Call Iceberg Web Design at 763-350-8762.

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