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What is Keyword Targeting?

We’ve covered a lot of ground in this blog series. First we talked about maximizing your online presence. Then we demystified Google My Business. In our last post we walked through keyword research.  Once you have completed your keyword research and developed your list of keywords, the next step is to target those keywords in your content. In this post we are giving you our top tips for targeting your keywords the right way.

4 Tips for Keyword Targeting

1. Page Titles

Using page titles that reflect your keywords can lead to a higher click-through rate. This helps to tell both searchers and search engines what your page is about. If you are using a WordPress site, make sure you are using post names for your pemalinks, rather than numeric page titles based on post id numbers. You ask, what are permalinks?!? They are links from other websites to your website, also an important key to ranking on Google, we will dig into these in a later email.

2. Headings

Place your keywords in your headings, and be sure to use header tags. This is another way to tell search engines what the important content is on your site.

3. Meta Descriptions

A page’s meta description is the text that shows up under your page name in a list of search results. A good description can improve your click-through rate by providing the most important information to users right away.

4. Image Alt Tags

Any images you use on your website should have relevant text in the alt tag. This is good practice not only for visually impaired users or other users browsing with images turned off, but can also improve your keyword ranking.

Finally, it is important not to over-do it. If your content feels forced and unnatural, it will be obvious to both your users and search engines that you are stuffing keywords in to your site. Remember that your rankings are based not only on the relevance of your website to your target keywords, but also your website’s overall authority on the web.

Still need Help?

Iceberg Web Design offers several services to help with keyword targeting including content generation and blog and article-writing. Call Shane at 763-350-8762 to schedule your consultation and get started!

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