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Throughout this blog series we’ve been guiding you through expanding your online presence by developing social media profiles, setting up a Google My Business page, creating a keyword list and enriching your content with your target keywords. The final aspect of your online presence that you should be paying attention to is your online reputation.

What is my online reputation?

Your online reputation is exactly what it sounds like. It is made up of all the things people say about your business online and includes reviews, comments, pictures and posts. 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation (1). It is important that you are not only aware of these online reviews, but also highlighting the positive reviews and actively working to mitigate the negative ones.

Do you currently have a process for collecting reviews from your customers? What do you do with the reviews you receive? How do you highlight positive reviews? Do you respond quickly to negative reviews? If you can’t readily answer these questions, it’s time to invest in an online reputation management strategy. Here are Iceberg’s tips

Online Reputation Management Do’s and Don’ts


  • Ask for feedback. Give people a channel to talk openly and honestly about your products and services.
  • React quickly and politely. A prompt reply saying you have heard their concern and are working on a resolution is better than a late reply with more information.
  • Be transparent. Allow customers to publicly see how you respond to negative reviews.
  • Learn from your criticisms. They can be an opportunity to improve your product or message.


  • Pretend people aren’t talking about your company. They are.
  • Hide or ignore negative feedback.
  • Respond defensively or aggressively. Even if you think your customer’s comments are unwarranted or out of line, fighting fire with fire is never a good strategy.

Reputation Management Tools

If you have a Google My Business profile set up, users can rate and review your business on Google and your ranking and reviews will show in the search results when your business is searched online. This a great choice for many businesses just getting started with reputation management, but there are also more advanced reputation management tools available that can streamline the process of collecting and responding to reviews.

As part of our SEO package, you get access to a Reputation Management Dashboard that automates this process for you and provides essential insight. You will also receive a monthly reputation management report that analyzes everything that your customers are saying about you online – all in one place!

Our case studies show a tremendous difference after implementing this service.  Call Shane at 763-350-8762 to schedule your free consultation and get started!

(1) Local Consumer Review Survey, 2014

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