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Tips For Receiving Quality Online Reviews

How do you make it a no brainer for your customers to have the confidence to reach out regarding your products or services?

One important aspect is to have a high number of authentic positive reviews about your company.  

Ask your recent satisfied customers for some feedback. Let them know that reviews are vital to the health of your business.

We have some simple tips to help you get the best reviews from your customers!

Ask In Person

There’s no better way to ask for, and get, reviews than to do it in person. The person-to-person request is incredibly effective, particularly if the requester has spent a lot of time with the customer. We’ve found that asking in person can garner you some great reviews.  Some business even have a tablet or computer at their locations where clients can review them on the spot. Although a more aggressive tactic, it has proven successful if the request is made tactfully.

Strike When the Iron is Hot

As soon as a customer is satisfied or a project is completed contact them and request a review.  Ensuring you have a system in place that gives clients a convenient way to share their review with you and across social media platforms is key.  The system can be as simple as an email with a link to a social platform review page and as elaborate as a system that tracks and responds based on the reviews rating.  We can help you get the correct system in place that helps you grow your review base and manage you reviews. Don’t let your competition get a leg up on you with their reputation.

Reply to Customers That Have Left a Review

By acknowledging the time your customers took to tell others about their experience is a good way to show you care.  This makes your current and future customers feel really good about doing business with you. If you do receive a bad review make sure to reach out immediately to mitigate the damage.  Not sure how to handle bad review? We have answers, learn more about how a bad review can help your business

How To Get People to Read Your Reviews?

The more places potential clients can find your reviews the better.  We encourage you to have reviews on your social media pages, Google My Business, and your website. This can help you increase sales, build brand recognition, and help new prospective clients know what to expect when working with you.  Many times your reviews can speak to the core values that your company maintains. Rise above your competition by advertising the real positive experiences your customers have had doing business with you.

Remember to thank the people that have taken the time out of their day to leave a review!

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