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What Are These Acronyms and Why Are They Important?

No worries, our Iceberg penguin experts are here to explain these concepts and how they differ and work together to create a good website!

What is CX?

Customer Experience, or CX, is defined as the entirety of how/when a user actively interacts with your product or brand throughout all stages. A customer interacts with your product at several various stages: advertisements, photos, purchasing decision, checkout process, shipping procedure, using the product, and even following up with customers to leave a review. Throughout all of these stages, keep the customer experience at the forefront of your decisions.

How Does CX Affect Your Website?

Do you have a lot of abandoned carts in your online store? What emotions does your checkout process evoke in the user? During the checkout process, ensure that you only collect the information required for shipping and the operation of your sale. Don’t bombard them with too much information. Give them enough payment/shipping options so they can choose the best one for them, but keep in mind that too many options may overwhelm the user and cause them to leave the website without making a purchase.

Do you follow Up With Your Customers?

Shipping alerts can be used to show your customer that you appreciate their purchase and value their time. When the shipment is finished, ask them about their experience or ask them to leave a review to help you improve your process and gain trust from new customers. Customer Experience has its own role, but it also collaborates with UX and UI.

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What is UX?

The User Experience, or UX, is in charge of ensuring customer satisfaction. The role of the UX designer is to ensure that the solutions have an emotional play that provides comfort rather than stress. If a business issue arises as a result of product organization on their website, the UX designer is responsible for organizing the products in a way that is best for the potential user and matches the company’s branding.

The project manager, content writer, and the design/development team listen to the company and put together the business goals, branding, solutions, and design direction. Getting the team on the same page helps to set the project up for success before it moves on to the next stages of production. Once the prototype is completed, our Iceberg production team can test and ensure that it is ready for production. At this stage, we can determine whether the solution will continue to be successful while also double-checking that the design/branding matches the company.

What is UI?

When most people think of web design, they think of UI, or User Interface. The focus of user interface design is on visual design, interaction design, and information architecture.
When discussing user interfaces, information architecture is critical. Icebergs content writer considers SEO keywords, the brand’s story, and educating the user. This step organizes the content while providing visual design that does not distract the user but rather complements the content.

How Color Theory Affects UI

Color theory influences both the user’s emotions and the brand. For example, the color red, like Iceberg web design or Turbo tax, can be used to convey strength, confidence, and passion. However, red can also be used to indicate alerts, requirements, danger, or aggression. The most effective examples of optimized user interfaces are those that generate and strengthen brand image without sacrificing usability.

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How CX, UX, and UI Work Together For Your Website

These three concepts are essential when creating a successful website; when combined, they provide structural and design solutions. Each of these categories has been influenced by accessibility. How can a disabled person who uses a screen reader purchase one of your products online? Online stores lose approximately $7 billion per year due to inaccessibility.  How does your website support disabled users?

Iceberg hopes you now have a better understanding of the significance of these roles in website design. Let the experts handle it; we’ve got you covered! Contact us today to get started or call 763-350-8762.

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