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5 Benefits of Having a Cannabis E-Commerce Website 

Are You Maximizing Your Cannabis Profits with E-Commerce?

Cannabis is big business, and it isn’t going anywhere. The total North American cannabis market is expected to reach $65.1 billion by 2025. Now’s the time to make sure that your cannabis dispensary is ready to rake in profits! 

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Although we’re living in the digital age, many cannabis retailers overlook the importance of having an established, user-friendly e-commerce website. While it does take some effort to create and maintain them, e-commerce websites are an incredibly useful tool for cannabis retailers to maximize their reach, industry authority, and profits. 

Let’s go over some reasons why you should create an e-commerce website for your dispensary

You’ll Sell More Stock

Creating an e-commerce website for your dispensary exposes your products to potential customers who wouldn’t typically walk into your dispensary, or who weren’t familiar with your brand before landing on your website. Whether you offer in-person pickup, delivery, or both, providing your customers with an e-commerce website will ultimately increase your sales.

You’ll Attract Organic Web Traffic With SEO

A website optimized for SEO will direct organic search traffic, potential customers, to your website. Boost your site’s SEO with keyword-rich content, quality photos and videos, a blog, internal and external links, and a Google Business profile tailored for cannabis-based businesses.

A Website Builds Transparency & Trust

There’s a difference between how your customers perceive a random dispensary they pass by on the street and how they perceive a dispensary with a “Google-able” online presence. Having a user-friendly website that features not only a menu, but customer reviews and stores of information about its products, brand, and mission will reassure potential customers that your company can be trusted as a source of safe cannabis.

Customers Will Learn More About What Your Brand Has to Offer 

A website for your dispensary will provide your customers with as much information as you’re willing to offer in a clear, easily-navigable environment. Visitors will be able to browse and purchase your products, as well as familiarize themselves with your brand, your company history, your staff, additional services you provide, or any other information you’d like to share. Brand familiarity is the gateway to a returning clientele!

You’ll Streamline Your Brand’s Digital Marketing 

While Google, Bing/Microsoft, and most social media platforms impose restrictions on cannabis-related content, you can, and should, run ads for your dispensary. Linking your dispensary’s e-commerce site to those ads streamlines the process of turning your website’s visitors into customers. Instead of hoping that users who see your ads remember to visit your physical dispensary, linking to an e-commerce site will let them make an instant purchase. 

Need A Hand? Iceberg Web Design Keeps E-Commerce Simple! 

Setting up an e-commerce website isn’t easy, but we can walk you through the process! From content to design, to SEO and maintenance, the Iceberg team will help you build your e-commerce site just the way you want it. 

Give us a call today, and we’ll discuss how we can get your dispensary’s website started! 

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