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The Difference Between an Established Web Design Agency & Some Guy You Know

A Website Agency vs. Some Guy You Know

Having a strong online presence is crucial for any business to thrive. A well-designed website can make all the difference in attracting customers and establishing credibility for a small business. Many individuals often debate how to start and hire a website. You may have tried a drag and drop web design software and became overwhelmed with site design.

After becoming aware that you want to use something other than a website builder yourself, it is time to hire. It is often between hiring an established web design agency or relying on “some guy they know.”

This guy they know claims to have the skills, time, and knowledge to be there for your business. It may be cost-effective for you at the time to hire the less expensive option. It’s important to understand the key differences before you make your decision.

Your Website Needs to be Handled with Professional Expertise

An established web design agency comprises a team of professionals with specialized skills and expertise in various areas of web design. They possess years of experience, understand the latest design trends, and have the technical know-how to build high-quality websites. Design agency websites have teams that understand how to grow your business because they work with many companies.

On the other hand, relying on “some guy you know” may mean dealing with limited knowledge. They may need more expertise in their understanding of website development, another lack of knowledge, or outdated design practices. An agency ensures your website is created using industry best practices, producing a polished and professional final product.

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Checklist For A Custom Website

When making comparisons, remember what you need for a successful website. Remember who will be able to check all these boxes:


A custom website design can make a business look professional, credible, and trustworthy. A well-designed website reflects positively on a business’s brand and reputation and can help attract more customers.


A custom website allows a business to create a unique branding message and establish its own brand identity. This identity is important because it helps distinguish the company from its competitors. Branding enables them to convey their own values and message to their target audience.

Website Functionality

A custom website allows a business to tailor functionality and features specific to the needs of its customers. Custom websites with distinctive features and tools, such as an eCommerce online store or customer reviews, can be built. They may include appointment scheduling and special offers directly addressing customers’ needs. The website should have a cohesive visual design that will adjust to different screen sizes.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A custom website should be built to be optimized for search engines. Content should be organized for helping to improve a business’s rankings on search engine result pages. Search engine optimization can increase organic traffic and attract more relevant visitors.

Room To Grow

A custom website provides a business with flexibility and scalability to accommodate growth and changes as business needs evolve over time. This can include expanding the website with additional pages, adding more functionality, or improving performance as the business grows. 

Customer Experience

A custom website can be designed with user experience in mind, optimizing the website for easy navigation. This can include fast page-load speeds, and responsive design, providing an exceptional customer experience. 

Website Customization May Not Be Possible with Some Guy

Web design agencies have the resources to offer customized designs, including your brand identity, logo, and desired features. A skilled agency understands the importance of user experience. They can design visually appealing custom websites. 

On the other hand, an individual needing more design expertise may rely on generic templates. They may need more ability to implement intricate design elements, compromising your website’s overall effectiveness. They may need to gain experience selling online, web hosting, digital marketing, or other services an agency can offer.

An Agency Provides You with Dedicated Project Management

Collaborating with an established web design agency means having a dedicated project manager who oversees every aspect of your website’s development. They act as a single point of contact, ensuring effective communication, timely updates, and transparent progress reports. This level of project management minimizes the chances of miscommunication, delays, or misunderstandings. 

Relying on “some guy you know” may lead to inconsistent communication, missed deadlines, and an overall lack of accountability. It may be harder to keep someone you know accountable because of your relationship. This can be from knowing them too well or not well enough. 

Using someone you know is a good and comfortable idea at first. Over time it can complicate your business and your relationship with the person. It also may become overwhelming for just one person to be available 24/7 for your business.

Your Website Needs Technical Proficiency and Support

Websites require ongoing maintenance, updates, and technical support. An established web design agency has a team of professionals. They understand coding languages, security protocols, and the latest web technologies. 

The person you know may verbally agree to “take a look at” your website occasionally over time. Your website needs more attention than you think. This individual may also lack the necessary technical expertise and struggle to address complex issues.

A lack of overall expertise could leave your website vulnerable to security threats or functional errors.  A team will have its own experts for website management, maintenance, security, and marketing experts.

Choosing Who Builds Your Website Means Creating a Long-Term Partnership

Choosing an established web design agency offers the opportunity to develop a long-term partnership. You shouldn’t partner with just anybody you meet for this commitment. They are invested in your success and can provide additional services such as digital marketing, SEO optimization, and reputation management. They understand the evolving nature of the digital landscape and can adapt your website to meet changing trends and user expectations. 

Additionally, agencies like Iceberg Web Design offer maintenance packages to ensure your website remains updated and optimized. “Some guy you know” may not have the capacity or intention to provide ongoing support or adapt to future needs.

Your Business’s Website is a Professional Investment

It may be tempting to opt for a more budget-friendly or familiar option with someone you know. However, it is probably not sustainable for your business in the long term. The benefits of working with an established web design agency far outweigh the advantages of relying on “some guy you know.”

By investing in a professional agency, you are making a long term investment in a creative agency. They are focused on the success of your business. You are ensuring the creation of a high-quality website that is user friendly and secure.

You are also ensuring a return on your investment and growth of your online presence.  The agency you hire can likely handle your business’s website, maintenance, digital marketing, hosting, and security needs. 

If You’re Ready For A Professional

Iceberg Web Design of Minnesota specializes in custom web design and expert web development. Contact us today to reach your business’s full potential online. We are often the first call after “that guy you know” doesn’t work out. Our business has been around for nearly two decades, and we’ve helped over 300 companies! 

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