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Should I Use AI to Write Web Content?

Your Definitive Guide to Using AI Tools for Web Content 

It’s no secret that your website needs high-quality, SEO-optimized content to stay competitive and rank for relevant searches. That’s why large companies hire content teams and SEO specialists to consistently produce a steady stream of content. 

If free AI tools can be used to easily produce good content, is there still a need for content writers? Should you still put in the effort to produce original, human-written content?

The short answer is yes, but supplementing your content with AI can save you time and labor. It’s all a matter of understanding what AI is good at, what it can’t do, and how you can use it to produce the best content for your website. 

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What AI Tools Should I Use

While there’s a wide variety of AI content tools available online, for our purposes we’ll generalize them into 2 categories: 

  1. Support Tools ー These are tools that use AI to evaluate and optimize your web content. Tools like Grammarly use AI to correct spelling, punctuation, and other grammar errors, while tools like SEMRush evaluate SEO optimization on existing content and serve as an SEO-writing assistant as you write. 
  1. Large Language Models ー These tools have recently received lots of attention, beginning with the release of ChatGPT at the end of 2022. ChatGPT, and similar tools like, are called Large Language Models (LLM). LLMs are fed massive amounts of written data and are trained to detect patterns in how human beings communicate through written content. In return, LLMs can produce complete and accurate content. 

When people consider whether they should be using AI content tools, they’re usually thinking about LLMs. While LLMs can instantly produce well-written, relevant copy in whatever format you’d like, LLM technology is relatively new and has lots to learn. Therefore, using LLMs to write your web content has its pros and cons. 

Pros & Cons of Using AI to Write Your Content 

PRO ーAI content tools are efficient. A LLM like ChatGPT can write dozens of pieces of high-quality content in a few minutes, whereas humans alone need several days or weeks to produce the same amount of quality content. Support tools like CoSchedule can use its database to generate high-ranking headlines for your content. 

PRO ーAI content tools are versatile. A LLM can generate any type of text you need, whether you’re looking for, such as web content, emails, Instagram captions, business plans, and more. 

CON ー AI content tools lack the human connection required to create a truly compelling piece of content. Algorithms struggle to detect sarcasm, humor, and other emotionally appealing elements required of good copy. 

CON ー AI content tools have a limited understanding of context. If you’re looking to create highly specialized content, both LLMs and AI support tools risk feeding you incorrect information or edits. 

CON ー AI cannot solely be used for SEO optimization. While AI SEO optimization tools can provide valuable insights and help your content rank, LLMs often over-optimize written content in the form of keyword spamming and unnaturally-written content. Not to mention that content entirely generated by AI for SEO purposes violates Google’s Search Essentials.

Guidelines for Writing Content With AI 

When using AI to supplement your web content, some key considerations should be kept in mind: 

  • Content should always be geared to humans, not bots. AI is not advanced enough to mimic the human emotions and elements that appear in well-written content. You know how to optimize your content for SEO more naturally than the most expensive and advanced LLMs do. 
  • Original, human-written content tends to rank higher. Use AI to outline your content, inspire opening sentences, or generate ideas for headlines, however, the bulk of your content should be written by you. 
  • Review AI-generated content for errors. According to AuthorityHacker, 75.7% of marketers use AI tools for content, yet 63% of them stated that mistakes in AI content are a major challenge. You should always double-check your AI-generated content for mistakes and inaccuracies. 

Need Expert Consulting on Your Site’s AI-Generated Web Content?

Iceberg Web Design offers web content consulting to guide you on how to organize, optimize, and edit your AI-generated content so that your site represents your business the way you want it to! Give our team of web content experts a call today at 763-350-8762

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