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“Email Quota Limit” Phishing Scam

A quick note to all of our customers:

A common e-mail scam from 2011 has resurfaced this week. We have received questions from some of our customers (both customers who use our e-mail service, and customers who use another e-mail service provider), about suspicious e-mails. Please note that these e-mails are NOT coming from Iceberg Web Design.

The text of these scam e-mails looks something like this:

This is to inform you that you have exceeded your E-mail

Quota Limit and in

less than 96 hours your E- mail Account will be disabled.

To increase your E-mail Quota Limit to 2.7GB, Fill in your

Details as

below and send to the E-mail Quota Webmaster by CLICKING






Webmail Portal

Iceberg keeps a close monitor on all of our e-mail servers and hosting accounts. We will never ask you to provide login information via an e-mail reply. If you have inadvertently replied to one of these scam e-mails with your username and password, we recommend changing your password immediately to prevent unauthorized access to your account.

Please contact Iceberg if you have any questions about this recent e-mail scam!

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