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7 Things On Your Homepage That Will Make Your Visitors Hit The “BACK” Button

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Have you reviewed your Google Analytics recently? Noticed your bounce rate sky-rocketing? It’s possible that your customers are leaving because your website is turning them away. Here are seven things that you want to avoid on your homepage, to keep customers from leaving before they read your content.

1. Outdated Design

This one’s a no-brainer. Nobody wants to look at something that doesn’t look good. Is your design stuck in the early 2000s? Might be time to consider a redesign. Contact Iceberg Web Design (https://www.icebergwebdesign.com/about/contact/) for a consultation to go through different options.

2. Auto-Play Video


Ever been in the middle of a crowded room surfing websites on your laptop and forget to turn off your sound? It gets better when you click through to a website that auto-plays video or music. It’s a pretty surefire way to make sure that a person never comes back!

3. Distracting Slideshow 

 Slideshows can be good with all the right pieces in place. But slideshows can easily go wrong if everything isn’t perfect. Large pictures with distracting animations that move past too quickly can be more overwhelming than helpful. If you’re in doubt that your slideshow hits the mark, get rid of it. Or contact Iceberg Web Design (https://www.icebergwebdesign.com/about/contact/) for a second opinion before you pull the plug.

4. Lack of Call to Action

 What is it that you want your customers to do once they visit your website? Do you want them to view your latest blog post? Sign up for your email newsletter? Purchase one of your products? Tell them what to do! Without direction, your customers are likely to leave without doing anything.

5. Missing details: What do you do? Where are you located? What’s your phone number?

 Like lacking a call to action, lacking a way for your customers to contact or visit you is a surefire way to lose them. Consider your own experiences on other websites… if you own a restaurant and it isn’t obvious where the restaurant is located, visitors will hit the back button and find another one. If someone is searching for business services and there’s no obvious way to contact you to learn more, they will find someone else who makes it easier.

6. Poor text-to-background contrast

This might play into having an outdated design, but an unreadable website was never in design. If it’s hard to read the basic information on your website, nobody is going to stick around to learn more about your business. Use common sense when choosing a color scheme, and test text and background combinations.

7. Not mobile friendly

If a person is on their phone and visits your website, it better be possible for them to get the information they need without a hassle. If it isn’t, it’s time to consider a responsive design (https://www.icebergwebdesign.com/services/responsive-website-design/). Don’t lose customers by messing up an easy way to get things right.

Does your homepage have any of these problems? Do you need help fixing them? Get in touch with Iceberg Web Design for more information!

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