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The Five Most Important Things Your Customers Should See On The Home Page Of Your Website

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“Conversions” is a big buzzword for online marketers and businesses operating online. It refers to getting a customer to take some sort of desired action. It could be as small as getting someone to visit a specific page on your website, an in-between action like getting a new email subscriber, or the desired end of a customer completing a sale.

Conversions don’t happen without the right pieces in place. They also don’t necessarily have to happen online. Regardless, you need to ensure that when you bring a potential customer to your website, indeed no small undertaking, they see relevant information that can lead to a request for more information or of course, a sale.

Here are the five most important things your customers should see on the home page:

Business Name

Seems like a no-brainer, right? Having your brand name readily available makes it so potential customers can start to recognize you, especially if they don’t complete a desired conversion on their first visit. It’s the first step in starting a relationship with your customer.

Services and Products

Potential customers want to know what they can expect if they decide to work with you. They want to see if what you have to offer has the potential to solve the problem they have, and the reason they came to your website in the first place. Make sure that a basic list of products and service offerings is prominent on your home page. You can save the specific details of what your packages include for dedicated service and product pages.

Phone Number

If someone is interested in learning more, you have to make sure it’s very easy for that person to connect with you. A phone number should be easy to find, as well as other relevant contact information: an email and address if necessary. Don’t make a potential customer search for your contact information. It’s just an excuse for them to go with a more organized competitor.


If your business has a physical location for your customers to patronize, it’s especially important that the location is easy to find. The best websites of this type also have a physical map image that a person can click or manipulate to a Google Maps page (or maps provider of your choice). A person can then map out how to find your business with ease. It’s a no-brainer that’s often overlooked.

Price (or some way to get it)

There are mixed opinions as to if you should share complete pricing information on your website or not. If you opt not to make this information public, make sure that there’s an easy way for a customer to request it, like a contact or quote request form. If the product or service is very standardized and more of a commodity, consider putting the pricing on your website to capture the most possible customers.

Does your website fit the bill or is it missing the most important things your customer should see on the home page? Click here to talk to Iceberg Website Design and see what could be improved!

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