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Back in 1997, the first noticeable social media website (Six Degrees) was up and running. Fast forward more than 20 years and 79% of the U.S. population uses social media. For advertisers, the rise of social media has disrupted marketing strategy and uprooted traditional advertising methods. But, believe it or not, the initial setback caused by social has given way to brand new heights in advertising.

Social Media’s Impact on Advertising

Americans now spend an average of 23.6 hours online each week. Out of those 23.6 hours, 30% of the time is spent on social media, outweighing any other activity. To make the most of their ad spend, advertisers have had to change their focus, targeting the digital space to reach the greatest number of consumers.

Ad spend isn’t the only thing that’s changed. By becoming accustomed to the personal feel of social media, consumers now crave different methods of engagement with their favorite brands. No longer do they expect the same run of the mill ads. Instead, they’re looking for targeted and specific content that appears to have been created just for them.

How to Use Social Media to Boost Advertising Success

It may sound like bad news, but it isn’t. The consumer’s wish for more targeted advertising on their preferred social media profile is becoming easier with each update. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram allow advertisers to focus on specific audiences. Others such as Snapchat allow advertisers to create content that speaks to the target demographic.

Whatever and whenever your target customer wants your ad content, you can put it there—and that’s taking advertising to new heights. What else can you do to boost your social media advertising success?

Build Brand Awareness

Social media isn’t just a starting point for a new ad campaign. It’s easier to sell a service or product to a warm lead, than a cold one. Social media engagement and interaction builds brand awareness, helping consumers become more familiar with what you offer. The more connected they feel, the more apt they’ll be to purchase.

Be Specific With Those Ads

Without targeting the right audience, your ad’s design or copy simply won’t matter. Social media allows you to be ultra-specific when creating ads for your brand, targeting only those customers that are the perfect fit. Use the data and advertising tools provided on the social media platform to boost your ad’s performance.

Test, Test, Test

Social media is the perfect place to test your ads for success. On Facebook, most ads are reviewed and published within 24 hours, meaning you could see ad results fast. To get started, perform an A/B test and test one ad against another to see which one performs the best with your target demographic.

Is Your Social Media Advertising Strategy Up to Par?

It’s safe to say that social media and advertising should go hand in hand. Social media is helping us reach new heights in advertising each and every day. To learn more about social media marketing or paid advertising, send us a message.

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