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10 Website Design Mistakes You Should Never Make

Your website is one of the first places your potential customers will go to get to know you better. Is your website giving off a great first impression? Or, is it pushing your customers to your competitors?

You have seconds to impress your website visitors. Around 40% of people will stop engaging with your website if the layout (design) or content is unattractive. Plus, bounce rates shoot up to 90% if consumers are left waiting longer that 5 seconds for a page to load.

Are You Making Any of These 10 Website Design Mistakes?

What makes a bad experience? When it comes to your website, your design can mean the difference between an experience that makes an impact, or one that falls flat.

1. Lack of Mobile-Friendly Design

If your website doesn’t perform on mobile, stop right now and go make that happen. Your website should perform just as well, if not better than it does on a desktop. This means using responsive website design and paying attention to design features such as buttons and text.

2. Forever-Long Load Times

Around 47% of people say they expect website pages to load in two seconds or less. Any longer and you risk scaring away potential customers. The speed of your website depends on a wide range of factors such as the host you choose, image compression, browser caching and more.

3. Incredibly Busy Page Design

Busy pages with a ton of images, text, ads, and links are confusing to the user and almost impossible to navigate. You should include plenty of whitespace to give their eyes a break. Plus, this will ensure your website is easy to read and skim on all devices.

4. Irrelevant Images Posted Everywhere

Often, customers use images as visual clues to what’s on the page. Make sure the images you choose for your website are relevant to your content, business or niche.

5. Zero Contact Information

If you’re able to convince a customer to take advantage of your services, you can’t leave them without a way to reach out to you. Make sure your contact information is easy to find. Consider placing your name, phone number and address in the footer of every page as well as throughout your website (don’t forget the Contact page).

6. Difficult-to-Read Content

Is your text too small to read on all devices? Did you use red text on a black background? Make sure your content is easy to consume. The font size of your body copy should be at least 14 pixels. Use an H1, H2s, and additional subheadings throughout to break up your copy and provide plenty of whitespace.

7. Confusing Website Navigation

Hey, we love clever website page names, too. Unfortunately, they can confuse your website visitors. Name each page on your website to match the content that’s on the page. Also, keep it simple and make sure your navigation is located on the top of each page for easy access.

8. Invisible Branding

The first thing your visitor should see on your website is you: your logo, your message, your brand. Before they go anywhere else, make sure they know who you are from the get-go. For example, place your business name and logo on the top of the page and use your brand’s colors throughout your website.

9. Complex Contact Forms

Contact forms that ask unnecessary questions will frustrate your visitors. Keep forms to the bare minimum and only ask for the information you need. For example, if you’re using the form to build your email list, simply ask for the user’s first name and email. For general contact forms, ask for name, phone number, email and the reason behind the message.

10. No Calls to Action

You must give your visitors instructions on where to go next. You must inspire them to act. The best way to do this is by placing calls to action (CTAs) throughout your website. For example, you can place a CTA on your Home page asking your visitors to give you a call or send you a message.

Is It Time to Refresh or Overhaul Your Website’s Design?

If you find that you’ve made any of the mistakes on this list, you’re in luck. A professional web designer can help you refresh or completely overhaul your website to help you best serve the user. To learn more, send us a message.

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