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In 2019, Black Friday brick-and-mortar retail sales fell by 6.2% from sales in 2018. During that same time, brick-and-mortar sales on Thanksgiving Day rose 2.3%, which explains some of the run-off. It should come as no surprise that the real hit came from online sales. Many department stores’ sales dropped by 25%, while Amazon’s rose a hefty 20% from Black Friday 2018 to the same day in 2019. When you add COVID-19 into the mix, things are bound to look very different on Black Friday 2020.

Black Friday Online Computer

If you still plan to go shopping on Black Friday this year, here are some tips:

Call ahead to make sure the store you want to shop at is going to be open and what their Covid policies are. The following stores began Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving last year, but have already announced that in 2020 they will be closed on the holiday:

  •         Walmart
  •         Target
  •         Kohl’s
  •         Bed Bath & Beyond
  •         Best Buy
  •         Ulta

If you still feel the urge to brave the stores…

Give other shoppers (and yourself) plenty of space, bring hand sanitizer, and remember to wear your mask.

Take it easy on essential workers who are doing their best to make your shopping experience a good one.

Stores have been relatively tight-lipped about the hours they will be open on Black Friday this year since many wonder about the effects of the predicted second-wave of the novel coronavirus. Good Housekeeping’s website has a list of store hours that they keep updated as information comes in.

Business Owners

Are you a business owner who is concerned about making your bottom line this holiday season? Online sales are where it’s at! People feel safer and more comfortable shopping on their laptop in their pajamas. Start preparing now. Ensure that your e-commerce site is in top shape for Black Friday 2020.

  •         Is your site intuitive and easy for customers to use? It is common for customers to leave a site altogether if the experience trying to use it is frustrating.
  •         Do you have high-quality, optimized images that consumers can zoom in on?
  •         Take your e-commerce site as seriously as you did when you opened your brick and mortar retail store.
  •         Consider how you will get products to your customers. There are countless ways to ship your products, which will be the right one for your customers. The cheapest way isn’t always the best way (but it might be).
  •         Make sure that your site is mobile responsive. Many people are using smartphones and tablets for their online shopping. Half of all, online transactions are completed on a mobile device. If your site doesn’t resize itself so that it is still easy for the customer to use, it is time for a redesign.
  •         Protect your online store from cyber threats with PCI compliance and stringent security. Have an SSL certificate, a strong firewall, two-factor authentication, and a privacy policy in your website’s footer.
  •         Keep the checkout process simple. Often people abandon their carts because of surprise shipping costs and time-consuming checkout.
  •         Consider the importance of reviews that sell your products for you. Iceberg’s Reputation Management Services are perfect for anyone who wants to use their website to sell or advertise to customers. Call 612-440-8762 today for a free demonstration of how this service can revolutionize the way your customers see your business.

Is all this a little overwhelming?

Black Friday and the holidays will look different in 2020, but it can still be as profitable as ever. If you are a business owner whose website could use some updating, contact Iceberg Web Design today to see how easy we can make the process.

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