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How to Get the Best Free Images for Your Website.

Having access to free images for your website is integral to maintaining your site’s appearance. So, let’s look at ways to access free images for your site.

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Stock photos can be expensive, and they don’t always have the quality you want for your website. Having access to free images for your website is integral to maintaining your site’s appearance. Let’s look at ways to access free images for your site.

Taking Your Own Photos

By taking your own photos, you automatically have permission to use them however you choose. And today’s higher-end cell phones have great cameras in them. Read up on photography tips to ensure you take the best shot possible. And always start with a clean lens. Having a fingerprint on your camera lens will ruin all your beautiful photos.

Hire a Photographer

Having a professional photographer take photos of your staff, office, or products is an excellent investment. It will give your website a sleek and polished look with the personality you want to convey to your readers.

We recommend a photographer to customers who need professional photos, and the site always turns out fantastic.

Licensing and Permissions

One of the essential things to keep in mind is how an image is licensed.

  •         Some are copyrighted in a way that means you are not allowed to reuse them in any way, shape, or form without express permission from the owner. This is important because you can be sued for using a copyrighted image without permission.
  •         Others require attribution. This is when you are allowed to use the image, but you also need to publicly recognize the owner/photographer in written form under the photo.
  •         The photos that are the easiest to work with are free from copyright restrictions. They are licensed under creative commons public domain dedication. You may copy, modify, and distribute the work without asking for permission, even for commercial purposes.

Creative Commons Images

This post will look at sites that share their images under the creative commons license. You can use these images in a variety of ways without attributions.


ISO Republic

Jay Mantri

New Old Stock





There are many image sites with their own license. They provide royalty-free photos and can be used for personal and commercial purposes, but the site may require a subscription, and it is important to check the site’s license to see what you can and can’t do with the images.


Free Images


Little Visuals








Combination Sites

These sites contain creative commons images and images that require a license. So, check each image to see the rules for its use.

Burst by Shopify

Burst is a free stock photo platform by Shopify. The images are both free and royalty-free.


An online graphic design tool that also offers free stock photos

Life of Pix

Life of Pix has free high-resolution photographs. They also partner with Adobe Stock for paid stock photographs.


Images on Flickr can be used and modified for commercial purposes. Under the “any license” filter select “commercial use & mods allowed” to find those images. Check the license for each image since they vary.

Kaboom Pics

Kaboompics uses its own license, which is similar to Creative Commons Zero except that you cannot redistribute its photos.


Contains free images and premium images

Wikimedia Commons

A project of the Wikimedia Foundation, Wikimedia Commons is a free pictures database. You can also find sounds and videos. Check the information underneath each photo to find out if the image is public domain or if they require attribution.

Use a Professional Web Developer

At Iceberg Web Design, we have subscriptions to image sites that offer us beautiful professional images to use on the sites we build. Our designers are experts at choosing the right photos and optimizing them to improve your site’s SEO.

To have a website that looks as good as your company is, contact us today!

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