Services Need Their Own Pages On Your Website

Make Sure To Optimize Your Services

Many business owners provide multiple services to their customers. Yet, when they design their website, they often put all of those services on one page (usually their home page). This is a mistake.  Learn why your services deserve their own pages.

Ux Designer Creating Website Layout or sitemap for all service pages

Service Pages Simplify Your Website Layout

Visitors want to easily find their way around your website. If you offer services, visitors want to clearly see that they are. There is no better way to facilitate this than to have an organized sitemap with separate service pages. 

Provide Detailed Information To The Right Audience

If you consolidate all of your services onto one page, you won’t be able to give each service more than a brief paragraph. Any more than that, and you will overwhelm your reader with content. With individual service pages, you can drill down into the details of each unique service because you know that the person reading that page wants to know about that service. 

Service Pages Make Site Navigation Mobile-Friendly

Most people who visit your website will do so on a mobile device. If you choose to condense services onto the same page, rather than giving them their own pages, users will have to scroll through large blocks of content to find what they are looking for. Most people aren’t that patient and will turn to another site instead.

Individual Service Pages Benefit Your SEO

By having your services separated into unique pages, you can refine your keywords for each of those pages. Keeping them all lumped together doesn’t allow you to do that. The reason Google focuses on keywords isn’t so that web developers and content writers can check off a box on their SEO to-do list. It is because Google knows that the words on the page are indicative of the content. They want to see unique content on each of your pages; content that benefits your readers. By creating individual service pages you are serving your audience well and Google will reward that. 

Does Your Site Need Reorganization?

Iceberg Web Design offers professionally written SEO content, thoughtfully organized navigation, and beautiful web design. Best of all, We are known for our customer service. If you are ready to take your website to the next level, contact us today.

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