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Boost Your SEO with Facebook Engagement

What Can Facebook do to Boost Your SEO?

There are many ways to improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO). One of them is to utilize Facebook engagement.

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There are many ways to improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO). One of them is to utilize Facebook engagement to increase your website’s organic reach. It gets your company’s name and your site’s URL out there. In addition, you are creating sharable links back to pages and posts on your site that are relevant to your audience’s needs. And it’s a quick, accessible way to keep your finger on the pulse of your customers.

Each social media platform uses a different algorithm to decide what posts get seen and which ones are at the bottom of the heap. 243,055 new photos are uploaded to Facebook every minute, so that’s a big heap! So how do you get your post to be one of the 1,500 eligible to appear in a Facebook user’s feed each day? Engagement is the key to rising to the top.

Facebook Engagement is when someone interacts with your posts with:

  •         Likes
  •         Shares
  •         Comments
  •         Clicks
  •         Etc.

Create Engagement-Worthy Content

Your post should be meaningful and start a conversation between the people who read it about the content you’ve created and the topic surrounding it. Know your audience and center your posts on their interests, goals, and pain points. This isn’t always going to connect to your business directly. That’s okay.

Your job is to grab your audience’s attention and then offer them something of value in exchange for their time. Unfortunately, that can be tough in today’s fast-paced scroll through the world of social media.

3 Pro Tips for Creating Engagement-Worthy Content

  1.       Video, Video, Video. The average engagement rate for Facebook posts is 0.18%. The average engagement rate for Facebook video posts is 0.26%! Those numbers are a good reason to incorporate video content into your marketing strategy.[1]
  2.       Ask questions that will get your audience talking. Make these questions simple so that it only takes a moment to answer. This not only creates engagement, but it can also be a great way to find out more about your audience. For example, “What’s your favorite social platform—Facebook or Instagram?” You can also ask questions that relate to your business. For example, a tutoring business might ask, “What time of the day do you read to your child?”
  3.       Respond. Get into the conversation. Look for answers that might draw out other questions or discussions. Again, this isn’t just for observers.


Consider Boosting Content

No one wants to pay to post content that can be posted for free, but when you consider how difficult it can be to get your posts in front of the audience you want to see them, you may find that it is worth it. The price point can be as low as $5, and every person who likes your post will be more likely to see your future posts organically (free). Plus, they might share your post. If you would like to improve your Facebook engagement, boosting a post can be a great way to start.

3 Pro Tips for Boosting Content

  1.       Often, Facebook will offer businesses up to $10 to try out their boost feature. So when you are offered this deal—take it!
  2.       Make your post one that will be worth boosting. That means it should be one people will click on, like, and share. Have a stellar headline and a topic that begs to be discussed in the comments.
  3.       Be part of the conversation. Pay attention to what people are saying in the comments and respond to keep the engagement flowing.

A Few Final Dos and Don’ts

Don’t draw your audience away from Facebook. Facebook doesn’t want its users to leave, so it doesn’t like posts with many links to other sites. Instead, post native content that keeps people on Facebook. This content performs better with Facebook’s algorithm. For example, instead of posting a link to your latest and greatest blog, post sections of your blog in a series of posts on Facebook.

Don’t ask for engagement. No one likes this, including Facebook. Instead, write content that people will want to engage with. You need to earn your audience’s attention, not beg for it.

Do post frequently and consistently on a regular schedule. This will help your audience trust that you will be a regular part of their feed, and they will be more open to interacting with your posts.

Do You Need Help with Your Site’s SEO?

Facebook engagement is just one way to improve your website’s SEO. The SEO Specialists at Iceberg Web Design can increase traffic to your website the right way. Contact us today to find out how.


[1] “47 Facebook Stats That Matter to Marketers in 2021.” Social Media Marketing & Management Dashboard, 11 Jan. 2021,



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