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WordPress Open-Source vs. Closed-Source Software

How To Choose Between an Open-Source Software Vs. Closed-Source Options For Your Website

Owning a business can be overwhelming to choose the correct type of source for your website. Today’s online presence is extremely important for companies to become credible and stay recognized. You want to select the correct software that will work the best for you and, ultimately, your customers. So, where do you begin making that decision?

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What is Open-Source and Closed-Source Software? 

Open-source and closed-source refer to two different types of software development and distribution.

Open-source software is a type of software that is available to the public for free use, modification, and distribution. This means anyone can download, use, and modify the software without restrictions. This also means that more knowledge of website backends is required to create the website you desire. 

Frequently businesses will hire outside parties, such as Iceberg Web Design, to maintain their open-source software. One prominent example of open-source software is WordPress.

Closed-source software is quite the opposite. It is proprietary software developed and distributed under a license that restricts the software’s use, modification, and distribution. Only the original company can modify and distribute the software, and it often requires a license or subscription fee to use. This also means that closed-source website building software usually comes with more comprehensive support and security features. 

Using closed-source software will give you less freedom to create your desired website but requires less maintenance, as the original distributor handles that. Prime examples of closed-source software are Wix and Squarespace.

How Do I Determine Which Software Is Right For My Business?

There are many factors to consider when choosing what software is right for your company:


If cost is a significant concern for your business, choosing open-source software may be your best option. The beginning subscription is usually free, and over time, you can upgrade to a larger plan if you want to expand. 

Closed-source options typically have licensing or subscription fees that can add up over time.


If you’re looking for a highly customized website with unique features and functionality, open-source software may be the better option for you. Open-source software has an available source code, so developers can modify and customize the website to meet your specific requirements.

Closed-sourced software usually has limited customization options, which can be frustrating if you’re trying to create a website that truly reflects your brand. 


Closed-source software often comes with dedicated support and resources provided by the company behind the software. This could be an important factor to consider if you’re not tech-savvy or have limited IT resources. 

However, open-source software like WordPress has a large community of developers contributing to ongoing documentation, bug fixes, and improvements. You may also seek outside support through agencies who already possess vast knowledge of developing websites through open-source software. 


Both open-source and closed-source software can be secure if properly maintained and updated. However, closed-source usually has built-in security features and may provide better protection, with an entire company responsible for maintaining and securing it. 

Open-source software usually relies more on the community to detect and secure any security problems you may be having. 


If you anticipate your website needs to scale as your business grows, then open-source may be the better option for you. The software is highly flexible and customizable, while there may be limitations on closed-source software in terms of scalability.

Do Your Research and Consult With The Experts

Ultimately, choosing between open-source and closed-source software will depend on your business needs, budget, and preferences. Doing your research is essential, as software is continuously changing. 
If you’re struggling to find the perfect fit, contact Iceberg Web Design today. We specialize in open-source software but have a vast knowledge of website development. We can help you make an informed decision and point you in the right direction. Call today – We are website developers who answer the phone!

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