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Reusing Your Content For Different Platforms

How To Reuse Your Content For All Your Online Platforms

As business owners, there may be times when you also have to play the role of content creator. It is common for small business owners to have many roles. Creating new and engaging content for all of the digital media platforms can be very time-consuming. Staying up-to-date on social media, blog posts, and monthly newsletters, all while running a business, it can be overwhelming. But that’s the great thing about reusing your content. 

From one ‘single’ blog post, you can create several separate pieces for other platforms that will make your content work harder and go further (without you doing hardly any work).

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Reusing Your Content Can Be Beneficial To You

As you can imagine, there are numerous amounts of benefits to repurposing your content into different pieces:

Saves You Time and Effort: No more constantly brainstorming new ideas for every platform. Make that youtube video topic a Facebook post, or split up one of your blog posts into a Twitter thread. Need a newsletter topic? Find a couple of existing blogs on your page that share similar ideas, and go from there! 

Though we aren’t advising you to altogether ditch new ideas, we want you to work smarter, not harder. Reusing content will allow you more time to come up with great ideas rather than feeling stressed about all the different platforms you should be posting on each week.  We know that many marketing teams are small, and every shortcut matters.

Increases Visibility: By sharing the same content on different platforms, you increase your content’s visibility and reach a wider audience. You may have people who subscribe to your newsletter via email but aren’t regularly aware of the blog posts on your website. Or you may have someone following you on Instagram but not Facebook.

Producing the same content across all platforms allows you to reach a larger audience than a select few. Slightly changing it to perform better for those platforms is a bonus. Remembering why people are on the platforms can help you slightly change the content to fit the medium.

Reinforces Brand Consistency: You want to come off as a consistent brand to your audience. Posting similar messages across each online channel creates that consistent persona. People will be more likely to trust your business because of the consistent image you’re putting out there. 

It’s also very important to stay consistent on social media. Followers want to know that your business is around and still relevant. Reusing your content allows you to have a constant stream of posts.

Increases Engagement: The more platforms you post on, the more likely someone is to engage with the content. Different online platforms allow your audience to interact with it in different ways. For example, someone may read your blog posts online but will feel uncomfortable leaving a comment on it. Posting it on social media allows them an alternative way to express their interest and feel more comfortable commenting on or liking your post.

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How To Repurpose Your Content Like a Pro

When you hear the term “reuse,” you may assume it’s as simple as copying and pasting the same message across platforms. Though that’s the idea, it’s not exactly that simple. 

Customize Information For Each Platform

You need to understand how people like to receive certain content on specific platforms. For instance, a 3-minute video posted on your webpage may have a poor result on Instagram because people tend to tune out quickly. Social media tends to do better if it’s eye-catching and to the point. Consider taking the video’s key points and making it a series on Instagram instead. Use eye-catching images or short videos rather than one long one. 

Same with blog posts – they tend to be rather long. Break it down into smaller pieces for different platforms. And the great thing is, if people want to know more, you can always link back to the original blog post on your website!

Show Consistency with Visuals Across Platforms

Now that we know it’s important to customize your content for each specific platform, it’s also important to know that you can still keep things consistent. For example, if your blog post uses a main image, use that same image on your social media post for it. People will notice the specific branding and message across platforms and thank you for it. 

Link Back to the Original Post

As mentioned above, adding a link to the original post is always a good idea. Followers getting the shorter version on social media may be eager to learn more. Linking to the original post can only help! Doing this can also boost website traffic and your SEO efforts!

Get Started On Your New Content Plan Today

Running a business, there is enough to worry about. So take the stress away from content planning by repurposing your content. 
Don’t have a content strategy and want to create one? Iceberg Web Design specializes in online content creation and blog writing. We have a dedicated team that can help produce blog posts for your business that you can use on other platforms. Contact us today to start the process.

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