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Does Your Website Developer Answer the Phone? They Better, and Here’s Why

Why Being Reachable is Non-Negotiable

You’ve been there—a growing sense of frustration as you dial a number, only to be met with a deafening silence. No pick-up, no communication, just a one-way ticket to voice mailbox purgatory. Let’s be real; you deserve better, and we’re here to deliver a level of responsiveness that’s second to none.

Jessi Shane Phones

At Iceberg Web Design, we make a promise that’s etched into the cornerstone of our brand: “We are website developers who answer the phone.” Sure, we build amazing websites, but let’s be clear: what we truly sell is an unparalleled customer experience. Our phone is staffed from 9-4 weekdays, not just as a convenience but as a commitment to you. Your calls aren’t an interruption to our day; they’re the reason we’re here! Being responsive, supportive, and available is not just part of our service—it’s the critical foundation of the client experience we deliver.

Responsiveness Isn’t Optional, It’s Essential

Why should a developer who answers the phone be a key criteria for your choice? Simple. It’s not just customer service; it’s about creating a relationship that is built on reliability, trust, and accountability. When we answer that phone, we’re sending a message that you are a priority, not an afterthought.

Real People, Real Conversations

A couple years ago, our VP of Sales was pitching a new website project to a potential customer. They were nervous, because they had worked with a developer before who they could never get ahold of (this was, actually, the reason they reached out to us in the first place). When Shane mentioned that we have a full time Customer Service Representative who makes sure that our phone lines get answered, they decided to pick up the phone right there and call to test his claim. And guess what? A real person answered, and both the potential customer (who is now a customer) and our CSR laughed, forming an instant bond. This may seem like a minor feat, but it’s a monumental testament to our commitment to client-centric service.

The Power of Answering

But let’s get down to brass tacks. Answering a phone is just the first step; it’s the ensuing dialogue that moves the needle. We’ve welcomed numerous clients who have left their previous developers, tired of unanswered calls and vanishing acts. When you’re heard by us, you’re not just acknowledged; you’re set on a path toward a swift and effective solution.

Beyond the Dial Tone

Our service goes beyond a simple “hello” and extends into robust Website Hosting and Maintenance. Our UNIX-based hosting is secure, dependable, and housed in one of the world’s leading data centers. Pair that with our comprehensive maintenance plans, and you’ve got a service that rounds out an unmatched client experience.

Choose a Web Developer that Values You

So, here’s the call to action—quite literally. Don’t settle for web developers who treat their phone like an obsolete relic. Choose a partner who respects your time, values your business, and stands ready to deliver on promises. That’s the Iceberg Web Design guarantee.

Ready for a web design agency that makes you the priority? Dial 763-350-8762 or contact us online to take the first step toward excellence.

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