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Google is Discontinuing Its Website Builder Service – What’s Next?

Time to Upgrade: Preparing for Google’s Business Profile Website Shutdown

Are you using a website created with Google’s Business Profile service? If so, it’s important to know that Google is discontinuing this service in March 2024. This change has significant implications for businesses like yours, and understanding these implications is crucial for maintaining your online presence.

Website Redesign

What Exactly is Happening?

In plain terms, Google has decided to shut down the website builder feature of Google Business Profiles. This means that any website ending in “” will no longer be functional starting in March 2024. Google will redirect visitors to your Google Business Profile until June 10, 2024, but after this date, anyone trying to visit your site will encounter a “page not found” error.

Error Page

Why Does This Matter to Your Business?

Your website serves as the online face of your business. It’s where customers find information about your products or services, contact details, and what sets you apart. Losing this crucial online space could significantly impact your ability to attract and retain customers. That’s why finding a reliable alternative solution is essential.

I Created a Google Business Website. Now What?

Quite simply – it’s time to create a new website. While the discontinuation of Google Business Sites is initially daunting, it presents a perfect opportunity to enhance your online footprint with a new, improved website. Exploring alternative website building platforms or seeking professional web design services can lead to a more robust, feature-rich site that aligns with your business goals and customer needs. A new website can offer improved functionality, a fresher look, and better integration with your marketing efforts.

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This is where Iceberg Web Design steps in. We specialize in creating professional, effective websites tailored to your business needs. Our Semi-Custom Marketing Sites are an ideal solution for businesses that need to quickly and effectively replace their Google Business Profile websites.

Here’s How We Can Help

Not sure how to move forward? Request a free consultation to talk through your options. Iceberg Web Design has a full team of designers, developers, and content writers that can deliver a website far superior to Google’s free product. In addition to a professional website presence, when you work with Iceberg you have a team of penguins helping to ensure your website remains relevant, secure, and up to date.

We have a great website development product to replace Google’s Business Profile websites:

Professional Marketing Website Done For You: We handle everything from writing content to launching your site, all for a monthly price.

Customized for You: Our designers will match your brand, making your site look unique and professional.

Fast and Efficient: We can get your new site up and running in as little as six weeks.

No Hassle for You: We take care of the technical stuff, so you don’t have to worry.

Affordable: There’s no big upfront cost, just the price for writing your content.

Ongoing Support: Our price includes hosting, maintenance, and monthly updates.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

It’s important to replace your Google Business Profile website before it gets shut down. The discontinuation of Google’s Business Profile website service is a significant event, but it’s also a chance for growth and improvement. By taking proactive steps now, you can ensure that your business not only maintains its online presence but emerges stronger and more compelling in the digital world.

Contact our team today online or call 763-350-8762 to get started with your new website. With Iceberg Web Design, you’ll have a great new website in no time – and experience working with website developers who answer the phone!

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