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What can a Blog do for Your Business?

If you’ve been following internet trends in the 21st century, you know that Blogs are now playing an important role in advertising and networking.

What is a blog? You’re reading one right now! A blog (short for the term “web log”) is a type of website where someone posts news, photos, videos, or other content on a regular basis. The newest posts are displayed at the top, so that visitors will see what’s new when they first visit. Posts can be filed into different categories, and visitors can browse through previous content, which is automatically archived as new posts are added.

If you have enough to write about, a blog alone can be an entire website for an individual or a business! It can also be used as a supplement (as this blog is) to add fresh content to the site, keep customers updated, and bring in new traffic.

Blogs are not “just for kids” to use like public diaries for their friends to read. Many businesses are taking advantages of blogging software to promote their products and services, announce specials, and answer questions for new and potential customers.

How can a blog help your business? Keep reading!

A blog can keep your website up to date.

Sure, your website has a lot of valuable information about your business. But your clients (and search engines) have already seen it. So why come back to visit?

Adding new content to your website not only gives your clients a reason to come back – it shows them that your business is still succeeding. It provides assurance for existing (and potential) customers that you’re still doing your job, you’re still accepting business, and your doors are open for them.

A blog lets you add content yourself!

That’s right – no need to call your website designer when you want to update your blog! You can add text, photos, videos, even upload mp3 music files directly to your blog through an easy-to-use admin control panel.

Add formatting:

  • bold font
  • italicized content
  • custom font colors and sizes
  • and bulleted lists

to your blog posts with just the click of a mouse. It’s very similar to using Microsoft Word. If you can type and use your mouse, you can keep your blog updated whenever you want, from any computer with an Internet connection. You can even update your blog using your cell phone!

Plus, every time you add a new post you will be generating more content for Search Engines to scan through. Keywords and instant search engine optimization you can do yourself. File your blog posts into categories, add links to other pages on your website (or to other websites), and be seen!

A hosted blog brings more traffic to your website.

Hosting a blog on another domain is one of the biggest mistakes a business can make. Sure, you can set up a free blog at Blogspot, WordPress, or elsewhere – but doing so will be sending your visitors away from your website, and they will be more likely to wander off and never return. Plus, you’ll be sending the search engines there as well.

The purpose of blogging for your business is to promote your products, your services, your company … your website. Put your blog where it belongs: at Your-Website-Dot-Com.

If you already have a blog and would like to transfer it to your domain, Iceberg can help you export the content from your existing blog and set it up on your new hosted blog. You can even redirect your old blog’s address to send current followers to your own website.

A blog encourages customers to be part of your business.

When your clients are actively engaged in your business, they will be more likely to turn to you than to one of your competitors. Remind your customers of new products or services, promote sales, and offer customer discounts via your blog. Ask for feedback or comments – what do they want from your business? What new products or services have they seen that you could offer?

What are you waiting for?

Existing Iceberg clients: For a limited time, we are offering an incredible special on custom blog setup. For just $90 we will set up a blog on your domain with a custom design (matching your current website design). Start blogging in just 24 hours – guaranteed! Click here for complete details.

Not an Iceberg client? We can still work with you to set up a blog on your own domain. Contact Iceberg for details on setting up a new domain for your blog. We have pre-designed templates that we can work with, or we can create a custom blog design just for your business. Contact Iceberg for a quote on your new Blog project!

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