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Iceberg launches new website

Spring Cleaning? Don’t forget about your website!

Don’t forget to take a look at your business website while cleaning up this spring! The average business redesigns their website every three years. If your website hasn’t received a major overhaul since 2012, chances are your competition is sporting a more modern, updated website than you are.

We have been doing a bit of house cleaning ourselves! Last week, we rolled out a new, updated website for Iceberg. We’ve incorporated some of 2014’s hottest new website design trends into the new site.

Iceberg Web Design: 2014 New Website


Fancy website features – the hottest trends of 2014:

  • Flat Design: We cleaned up the layout and incorporated a flat design technique, to help emphasize content as the focust of the site.
  • Responsive: As with nearly all of our recent development projects, our new website is optimized for Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, and Smartphone browsing.
  • Modern Fonts: Google Fonts have become very popular in website design over the last few years. Our new site uses the Google Font Open Sans, along with a couple other modern fonts.
  • Sticky Header: (Desktop viewing) Tired of scrolling up and down on a website just to access the navigation menu? Our new website features a navigation menu that stays put – no matter how deep into a page you are.
  • Multi-Layer Home Page Slider: If there’s one feature for you to click on our website link for, this is it. The home page slideshow has been standard in website development for years. Now we’re taking it to the next level with multiple layers in each slide, animated text, and unique transition effects.
  • Animations and Parallax Effects: Subtle text animations on the home page and in the footer add a nice little piece of interest to the site.
  • AJAX Sortable Portfolio: Our website development portfolio has also been updated. Along with a few new projects in the mix, we have enabled an AJAX sorting, so you can quickly view projects by type with a click of your mouse (or tap of your fingertip!).

Hop on over to to take a look!

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