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Content is King: Tips for writing SEO-friendly content for your website

We all know how important it is to have your website indexed by Google and other popular search engines. If you can incorporate a few good techniques when writing content for your website, your website will get more hits and visitors and thus will become increasingly popular.

Many people think that content-optimized pages will lower the article quality, and provide the reader with an incomprehensible piece. This doesn’t have to be the case, and as more and more people gave up reading hardcover books, the articles and stories which can be read online reached a whole new level.

Get on top of search engines

Taking advantage of a few common tips will take you right where you want to be: somewhere on top of less successful blogs and websites. Plus, your visitors will love seeing your website is actually worth a read.

Content is King.

First of all, pay attention to the content of your blog. Instead of trying to attract search engines by stuffing it with keywords that make little sense, focus on the basics. What are you trying to convey to your readers? If you are trying to make people purchase goodies off your website, include some similar keywords that will make them find your products fast.

Your content should always be useful to the website reader first. People will leave the page immediately if they see there is nothing there other than a word salad. Your website should also be easy to read, so avoid using pompous phrasing and get straight to the point.

You can’t trick Google into indexing your website for a topic that it is not about. So, if you want Google to find you because you provide plumbing services in Springfield, then write about a recent plumbing catastrophe in Springfield that you helped solve. The keywords that naturally appear in your article (plumbing, Springfield) will attract search engines – and the anecdote will engage your real, live audience.

Be Original.

Your page is your own work, so having something to share must be a top priority. Don’t copy and paste anything. Use your creativity and create unique content that will place your website higher. Go for quality instead of quantity: when a person hits your website, they will want to read something they can relate to. In the case of the plumbing catastrophe, your readers may chuckle, remembering a time a similar incident happened to them.

Don’t repeat yourself ad nauseam, and be sure to research the topic of your choice so you can keep up to date with the information.

Post On-Topic Content

The article you are publishing should also have something to do with the content you generally post. For example, if you have a fashion business, make sure that the articles you post in your blog are somehow related to fashion or your business. People don’t always trust random links they find on the Internet, so making sure that your blog displays content relevant to the website will also help you gain your reader’s trust.

Appropriately Use Videos and Links

Many bloggers are trying to improve their website by adding videos and links. If you are trying to communicate something using videos, always keep them short. Long videos are not as popular as very short videos, and who can be blamed? Some people visit websites and blogs during the lunchtime or while on the bus, so keep it short and sweet. Add useful links that are related to the content you are writing and always double-check their trustworthiness. These links actually add extra value to your blog, and Google will rank it above blogs that don’t feature links. Your links should be transparent: allow people to know what they are clicking on.

Write Strong Headlines

Another thing to pay attention to are you headlines. The idea is to draw readers in, and this can be done with a catchy title. If you’re writing about celebrities, choose the most scandalous line as a headline for the article. This will make visitors want to learn more, and come back next time for more juicy details.

Headlines are also important for search engines. If your article is being posted on a blog, then the headline of your article will also be the page title – the first thing search engines look for when scanning your web page. Think about the people who are searching for your content – what key words are they using? Make sure you incorporate a couple of them in your headline. But, remember: your actual readers are what’s most important, and nobody is going to click on a headline that isn’t easy to read or looks spammy.

Write Clearly

Write your content in an easy to follow manner. Use punctuation, paragraphs and anything else you need. Don’t forget to spell check and use proper grammar. A blog will definitely look more professional when the content is clean and easy to read. No one wants to go through a wall of text, just to lose the idea halfway down the line.

Consider a Forum or Open Comments

You can add a forum to your website to generate more traffic. If your page features interesting topics readers are might like to learn more about, adding a forum will bring your blog from obscurity and into the light. So many people need advice regarding life problems or info on how to use a certain item. Take advantage of this and create a friendly online community. The forum will get its own regular users, so you can only gain from creating a message board.

If your website content isn’t worthy of an entire forum, consider utilizing your Blog to engage comments from your visitors. Ask questions of your website readers, and utilize social media to draw readers and commenters to your blog. Just don’t forget to follow up and engage back in the conversation!

Hire a Content Writer

If you find that you just don’t have time to write quality content, but want to engage your audience more, consider hiring a content writer or SEO expert. Contact Iceberg Web Design for an SEO Consultation and recommendations. We can help you determine whether adding a blog onto your website will benefit your business. Iceberg Web Design can help generate quality content for your website. We also have SEO packages available for those who want to take their online marketing to the next level. Give us a call today – we can help you find what you’re looking for.

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