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Should I Add E-Commerce Onto My Retail Business Website?

Any retail business owner who doesn’t already have an e-commerce website has probably asked themselves this question a few times. Should I add e-commerce onto my retail business website? With the way that today’s generation of shoppers has grown from store front shopping to online shopping the question should really be- Why haven’t you added e-commerce onto your retail business website yet?




There are several reasons why you should add e-commerce onto your retail business website, here are a few reasons:


Having an e-commerce website is like being open 24/7/365. Customers have access to view your products even when you’re not open. They can compare different products, prices, sizes, ingredients, reviews, etc all in the comfort of their own home. They can Christmas shop at 2am when they can’t seem to fall asleep. They can access your entire store from the swipe of their finger when it’s most convenient for them.

By having an e-commerce website, you can overcome geographical limitation. If you have a physical store you are limited to that certain area. Can you imagine the possibility of the entire world having access to shop and browse your products?

E-commerce websites allow you to collect customer data. I’m not talking about when you are at the local retail store and they ask for you zip code at the check-out counter. I’m talking about customer data that will help you to improve your branding activities and build customer loyalty. You can improve your product mix, increase/decrease your product pricing, and market to your existing customer base more effectively all by looking at your customer data. You’ll also be collecting mailing addresses of customers who shop on your website too. You can use those mailing addresses for future marketing: to send your current customers postcards, coupons, or notices of specials that will encourage them to go back to your website to buy more.

Another reason why you should add e-commerce onto your retail business website is because this is the new, modern way that society is shopping. If you have a retail business but you’re not selling products online, you truly are missing out on reaching your potential as a business. Your website is your most important marketing tool and investing in a e-commerce website will give you a promising return on investment.

There’s no better time to start then now- If you’d like to get started on your e-commerce website click here for a FREE consultation and we can help you grow your business!

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