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Five Common Misconceptions Business Owner Have About Their Websites


Every business owner knows that having a website today is a critical, essential marketing piece. And most businesses have invested some time and money into creating a website for their company. However, there are several misconceptions business owners have about their websites. We’ve narrowed them down to the five most common ones here:

I will automatically get website visitors just by having a website.

Sure, you may get a visitor here and there but are those visitors your target market? Just because you have a web presence does not mean you are automatically going to get new business and clients. You have to put work into it. If you want to attract a specific target market, your website needs to do just that- attract them. This all comes down to having the right content and keywords, utilizing SEO/SEM, and most importantly having a professional and well-built website.

I don’t need to promote my website on social media.

You’re right, you don’t. There isn’t a law stating that you have to but why wouldn’t you? By promoting your website on social media you are increasing your chance of having potential customers view your website where they can learn more about you and your services. One way to use social media to promote your website would be to share your blog on Facebook. If your blog is linked to your website and you share the blog link on your Facebook account you will have more readers view your blog and chances are they will then want to check out your website to learn more about your business.

A free template-builder website is just as good as a professional one.

Would you have a professional electrician come in to re-wire your home or would you do it yourself because it’s free? Some of us probably could figure out how the wiring works but what happens when you miss a step or when you do something wrong- like not have a single wired grounded? Not only is it dangerous but you’ve wasted your own time to do a mediocre job when you could have hired a professional to come in and take care of it the right way. This is the same for websites. You could use a free template builder but will it be tablet and mobile friendly? Will it have the right keywords? Will it reach your desired target market? Will the user experience be positive? Chances are- it won’t do any of those. In the end you’ll spend more money and time on your website than you would have if you just went to the professionals right away.

I can write the content myself.

You most certainly can write the content by yourself if you’d like. However, do you know what key words you should be using to increase your organic search rankings? Are you able to craft content in a way that is persuasive and engaging? If not, which most individuals aren’t, you would want to have a professional content writer craft your website content.

I can take pictures myself.

Everyone can take very clear and near professional looking pictures by themselves using their smartphones these days. But, do you have a professional backdrop or professional editing tools to create picture perfect images and professional head shots? Chances are you don’t. Pictures can say one million words, they can illustrate an entire story- what do you want your pictures to say about your business?

As you can see, there are several misconceptions business owners have about their websites from automatically getting visitors, to not having to promote their website on social media accounts, and down to writing their own content. You could do all this on your own but in the end you will invest way more money and time into it than you initially would have if you had gone with a professional website developer. Leave your website and your online presence to us- the professions so you can enjoy being a business owner! Click here for a FREE consultation today!

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