Social Media: Your Website's Phase Two

Social Media: Your Website’s Phase Two

On average, customers require at least 10 content pieces before they take action. Most small business websites present less than 10 pages of content. Therefore, a small business website typically does not meet the content needs of potential customers. Ideally, your small business website should generate content that captures potential customer leads. However, since customers require more content than the average small business presents online, you should consider alternative platforms for promoting your products and services.

Small businesses have several options in addition to engaging website development to promote products and services. You have paid options such as Google Adwords that provide a quick and profitable return on investment. Organic search engine optimization marketing strategies like blogging build the level of customer trust that prompts action.

Then, we have the most effective online marketing option: Social media marketing.


How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Small Business

Entrepreneur estimates that more than 950 million people access Facebook every day. The popular online entrepreneurial blog has presented statistics that demonstrate small businesses comprise a rapidly growing percentage of the daily Facebook users. What does that mean for your small business? Well, social media has become more than just selfies and friend requests. It’s how we shop, how we communicate, how we stay on top of current events. Moreover, social media is the online version of where we leave reviews for the businesses we trust.

Our Minneapolis web design firm knows how to make social media the phase two of your Internet marketing program.

Start Conversations by Asking Questions

Everyone has an opinion and Facebook posts represent the ideal online place for customers to present their opinions. Ask Facebook fans of your small business to provide insight on topics that pertain to your small business. For example, a local independent restaurant asks customers to vote for their favorite restaurant menu items to win one-on-one cooking lessons with the chef.

Share What You Know

The most effective way to build customer trust involves sharing what you know. Upload Facebook posts that help customers solve problems. The pithy posts can simply be recipes for enhancing health or suggestions on the tools to use for working on home improvement projects. Videos represent the best way to create “How to…” content for the social media phase of your online marketing program.

Customers Want Value

Social media content must provide your customers with value, from sharing white papers to offering limited discount specials. Consumers want to learn how your products and services benefit them. Short text/video content uploads on sites such as Facebook and Instagram do the best job of creating customer value.

Sell Your Brand Visually

Although your small business website should comprise a content-focused approach to gaining customer trust, the phase two of your digital marketing program should include more attention grabbing visuals. Pinterest makes the perfect phase two platform for presenting visuals that customers immediately identify with your small business brand.

The Phase Two Golden Rule

American Express recently presented a blog post emphasizing most of your social media posts should share information that helps customers solve problems. The one in seven rule states that only one in every seven of your social media should promote your business. The other six posts should provide value for customers. This rule applies on Facebook, as much as it applies on Twitter.

One Post, One Social Media Platform

Several tools allow you to write one post and then upload the post to multiple social media platforms. Customers that see duplicate posts on different social media platforms typically look elsewhere for products and services. Avoid presenting duplicate content to build the level of credibility customers need to conduct business with you.

Small businesses that operate in the Twin Cities need a Minneapolis social media consultant that knows how to implement effective phase two online marketing strategies. Iceberg Web Design can help you increase your online reach, attract new customers, and engage your current clients. Now through February 29th, receive a FREE SEO Keyword Research report with your in-person social media consultation.


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