How Valuable is a Professionally Built Website to Small Business?

How Valuable is a Professionally Built Website to Small Business Owners?

Do you know how valuable a welcome mat is to your small business? We’re not talking just the welcome mat in front of your office or storefront. Your small business welcome mat extends well into your small business, as your team of customer service professionals warmly greet each customer that walks through the door.

Think of a small business website as your online welcome mat.

Your website is your business's online welcome mat.

SmallBizTrends recently released a statistic that states nearly 50% of small business owners don’t use social media marketing for their small businesses. The small business monitoring website also mentioned that many of the small business owners that don’t promote via social media also don’t have professionally built websites.

Let’s cut to the chase: Responsive web design provides small businesses with several benefits. After reading the benefits, you should come away with an idea about how valuable a professionally built website is to small business owners.

Creates an Additional Sales Channel

Small businesses historically generated sales through two channels: Phone orders and in-store purchases. A professionally built website gives you a potent sales channel that not only expedites sales, but also guides customers throughout the buying process. From powerful calls to action to answering customer questions, you create a viable sales channel that increases revenue. The Yellow Pages no longer play an important role in attracting customers. Word of mouth advertising now derives mostly from testimonials and positive feedback left on a professionally built website.

Builds Credibility that Prompts Action

How valuable is a professionally built website for small business owners? Think of how you build the level of trust required for prospective customers to take action. A strong small business website includes professionally written content that educates customers about your products and services. Instead of reading a brochure or walking through your store, consumers now go online to learn about small businesses. Product and service pages, as well as “How to…” videos, increase your credibility. All of the information customers need to make informed purchasing decisions sits on your small business website.

Website Development Gets You Noticed in Search Engine Rankings

A professionally built website for small business owners invariably includes content that search engines love to see. Our Minneapolis web design team includes search engine optimization experts that know the search keywords customers use to find your small business online. By writing search engine optimized content and creating links that search engines reward, you move to the top of the search engine ranking lists. Without a professionally built website, your small business languishes in cyberspace.

The High Value of an E-mail List

Visitors to your professionally built small business website that opt-in to an email list provide a fertile base of customers. You can offer a complimentary eBook, monthly educational newsletter, and/or give away products and services to everyone that signs up for your email list. Email lists put “target” back into target marketing, as you learn what motivates customers to buy from you. Small business owners that include professional website photography within emails get a leg up on the competition.

Open for Business 24/7

Your doors close around the same time every day. If you fail to build a professionally looking website, the sales end when you close your office or storefront. With a powerful website that keeps visitors engaged, you have a small business that remains open 24 hours a day, seven days per week. Customers purchase your products and services, while you enjoy a restful night of sleep or take in a movie after storefront hours.

Nothing determines how valuable a professionally built website is to small business owners more than operating a business that remains open all of the time!

Let’s Get Started

Your website is your most important marketing tool. If your website has not been updated in the last 1-2 years, your business deserves the investment to make improvements. Contact our Minneapolis website development firm today to schedule a free phone or in-person consultation to discuss your website or online marketing needs.

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