Is a Team Page Important for Your Website?

Home page, a great About page and even an easytofind Contact page. Your Portfolio or Work page is chockfull of amazing content to showcase what you do. Everything your potential customer needs to find is right at their fingertips. Or is it?

What happens when your potential customer wants to know who they might be working with? They can venture to your About page, sure… But that won’t satisfy their need. Why? Because your potential customers want to see who will be on the other end of the phone before they call. What’s the solution, then? Add a Team page to your website!



A Team Page Adds Authenticity to Your Website

Showing who you are adds authenticity to your website, making it easier for your customer to invest in a relationship with you. In fact, 80% of consumers have said that the authenticity of content is the most influential factor in their decision to become a follower of a brand.

No one likes to call a business only to be met with a recording, no matter how “human-like” the recording is. It means something to speak to another human just like you. Your customers will feel the same way when they see your face and get to know you via your website.

What to Include on Your Team Page

What should you include on your Team page? Although every website will be different, there are a few key elements you should place on the page:

A photo: Using professional headshots helps your customer put a face to a name.
A name: Your team members’ names should be placed on your page for all to see. Again, this helps your customer understand who they might speak with before they reach out.
A title: What does the team member do? This is important to show your potential customers who’s who in your business.
A short bio: Allow each of your team members to create a short bio, outlining their experience and their personality. Experience helps solidify their know-how and showcasing their personality adds a human touch.

Need Help Creating a Team Page for Your Business?

A team page adds authenticity to your website while building brand trust. It’s a page your website shouldn’t do without. To learn more about creating a team page or for answers to your questions, send us a message!

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