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Heroes are one of the biggest website trends of 2020. They can help you make a powerful first impression.

Not a superhero—a website hero! A hero is the first thing a user encounters on the homepage of a website. It usually takes up most of the screen space and has a minimal amount of text with a call to action. Heroes are one of the biggest website trends of 2020.

There are many benefits to utilizing this space with a hero:

  • The hero will generally be the first image your users will encounter on your site. Because of this, they can make an impactful first impression.
  • Heroes set the stage for what users will associate with your business. Send a meaningful message.
  • A hero graphic allows users to focus in on and connect with the most important message on your homepage, rather than allowing their attention to be distracted by multiple areas of competing content.
  • Action heroes! Hero graphics are great for displaying a call to action.
  • Heroes grab the user’s attention and encourage them to view more of your site.
  •  Hero graphics are a flexible design element. You can use them to achieve the thing you want most from your web marketing. Is there a message you want to promote? Do you want to feature a new product? They can solidify your company’s image in your customer’s minds.

A hero isn’t perfect. Here are some of the flaws you may find:

  • Most hero areas are very large, so they take up a lot of screen space. While this has the above-listed benefits, there are drawbacks to them when users need to find important information quickly. You certainly wouldn’t want a hero on an emergency services website.
  • Heroes on responsive websites lose their impact on mobile devices. That’s a problem, since “Almost three quarters (72.6 percent) of internet users will access the web solely via their smartphones by 2025, equivalent to nearly 3.7 billion people.”[1]
  • Large heroes=longer loading time. Consider that “a one-second delay in page load time has been shown to cause a 7 percent loss in conversion and 11 percent fewer page views.”[2]
  • If your hero takes up the entire screen, it might be unclear to users that there is additional content below.
  • It may not be clear to users that there is more content below the hero area.

Hero Trends for 2020

Trend: Big, beautiful, backgrounds.

A great example of this is the website we built for G’s Café. G’s is an Irish Café in historic, downtown Anoka, Minnesota. The hero reflects that. The best part is that every page has one of these background images that show the mouth-watering dishes served at G’s.

Gs Cafe Website

Trend: Text Only Heroes/Minimalism

Text only and minimalism is a huge trend in 2020. When we built the site for the information technology company,Tailwind, we utilized this concept. The duotone colors and elegant lines express the concept of information and data transfer. As you scroll down, you see the result of that: action.

Tailwind Website

Trend: Hero Video Headers

Right Turn Recruiting  Is a truck driver recruiting agency that’s “dedicated to 100% driver satisfaction.” The website that we created gets that message across from the moment you open the page. Professionalism and respect for the driver are expressed through a video hero. Video heroes capture the user’s attention and draw you into the message at the same time.

Right Turn Recruiting Website


Trend: An Emotional Response from an Image

The site we created for the Animal Behavior Clinic of New Jersey is the perfect example of creating an emotional response with an image. If you are searching for help to modify your pet’s behavior this will grab you. Who wouldn’t love to see this in their pets? This image offers that hope.

Animal Behavior Clinic Website

Trend: Balance

A powerful image can balance a text-heavy website. That was our goal with the site we put together for Agility IRL. Agility IRL is a leadership training company. There is a lot that can be said about their service—so we say it. But, we also balance that out with beautiful images that express the goals of leadership training and coaching.

Agilityirl Website


If you need a hero when it comes to putting together a powerful website contact us. We are web developers who answer the phone.

[1] Handley, Lucy. “Nearly Three-Quarters of the World Will Use Just Their Smartphones to Access the Internet by 2025.” CNBC, CNBC, 24 Jan. 2019, www.cnbc.com/2019/01/24/smartphones-72percent-of-people-will-use-only-mobile-for-internet-by-2025.html.

[2] “What Is Page Load Time and Why Is It Important?” BigCommerce, 27 Feb. 2020, www.bigcommerce.com/ecommerce-answers/what-page-load-time-and-why-it-important/.


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