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Is It Time to Refresh Your Logo?

Your Current Logo Is Outdated

All logos have a shelf life. Fonts change, as do colors and imagery. Even if you want to maintain a “classic” look to your company logo, you still need to update it every so often. How often is that? It is more about when the elements of your logo no longer serve your business’s needs. This includes when your logo:

  • Uses outdated design elements 
  • Does not have any consistency standards
  • Doesn’t stand out in a competitive market
  • Doesn’t establish trust in your organization
  • Isn’t unique and memorable 
  • Is difficult to use across a variety of print and digital platforms
  • Conveys the wrong message or no longer accurately reflects your vision

An Example From Iceberg

We dug back into the archives and found our original logo.

Iceberg Hosting Logo

Founder and owner, Jessi Gurr recalls knowing it was time to change the logo to “Iceberg Web Design” because she was always receiving calls for catering rather than website hosting. She unveiled the new logo in 2008.

2008 Iceberg Logo

Then, in 2015 we moved to our Anoka Office, for which we had a large sign made and rebuilt our website. This included a rebrand.  Our new penguin seems to smile with his crinkled eyes and outstretched flippers. Our colors changed, as well, to the dramatic red and black that became very popular in the past ten years.

Iceberg Logo 1 1

Your Business Has Changed

Your logo isn’t the only thing that will change. Over time, your business may change in many ways, from who it serves, to what you do, to where you do it. When these changes happen, your logo should change to reflect these changes, as well. Consider a logo change if you have:

  • Changed your business model
  • Are taking your local brand national or your national brand international
  • Merge with another company
  • Add an online store to complement your existing brick-and-mortar shop
  • Are pivoting to serve a different demographic
  • Changed your products or services
  • Evolved your brand identity

Changing Isn’t Easy, But All. the Greats Do It 

Apple Logo
Ford Logo
Timberwolves Logo

Are You Ready For a Refresh?

Whether you are ready for a website refresh, a rebrand, or a new logo, we can help. Contact Iceberg Web Design. We are web developers who answer the phone! 763-350-8762

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